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Peaceful Sunday Morning

I was awake at 4 am, the moon was almost full or full, it was beautiful, the clouds surrounding it seemed to somehow aluminate it even more, it had a very peaceful feeling about it. I watch the sky a lot, it like the ocean is ever changing at times it feels heavy at other […]

The Joy of Letting Go

This morning while attending one of our Dementia Alliance International Peer to Peer Support Groups, we ended up having a great conversation about the joy that comes once you reach the place in your Dementia Journey to let go. To let go of the old belief systems that make us feel like we have to […]

Live Like You Were Dying

Yesterday the first of the tests I had done earlier in the week came in, immediately followed by phone call from my doctor, booking an appointment for the 22, so that the other tests will all be in. I should have known, I guess maybe I did, well I knew the tests would not be […]


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