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Thanksgiving in Canada

This weekend it is the Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, I know in the USA they celebrate Thanksgiving in November, I am not sure about other countries. So Monday is actually Thanksgiving day and a statutory holiday for us, so people enjoy a long weekend, many have their last camping trip, others travel to enjoy […]

No Longer Fitting in

I am feeling lost these days, feeling lost because I am finding myself more and more to be living in a world that I no longer fit in. At times I wonder is it that part of my dementia, or is it because it seems my view and understanding is so vastly different than anything […]

Change the View, Sit in A Different Chair

I am always somehow surprised and yet know that I shouldn’t be but again yesterday I was asked “Why did you leave DAI”? People leave and change jobs, change homes, change communities all the time yet some somehow they are and seem surprised by my decision to step down from the DAI board. Its been […]

Striving for a Good Week

I didn’t sleep well last night, in fact I’ve barely slept at all, strange night, waking nightmares, hard to explain, you are awake yet the nightmares are happening, you can’t stop them, you are just stuck in them, night terrors that happen when you are awake are not fun, night terrors when you are asleep […]


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