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Cha Cha Changes

Today I spent the day in the hospital, sent directly from the clinic, the ER expecting me, no waiting, ecg,s, blood work, imaging, and monitoring, Always the conversations around the complexity of my being. I must say that while they are having shortages, while you can feel the pressure cooker of the health care system, […]

Unraveling, Fighting through the Pain

I have been wanting to write but all my energy has been focused on fighting all the pain, and so many symptoms of which I have been free from since January. Which I have been grateful, oh so grateful for the last six months, after spending most of 2021 in bed, it was feeling good […]

Understanding the Research and Why We Need to Be Involved

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being on a panel for the ICDW (International Consortium Dementia Wayfinding Summer Series, along with Drs. from Uk, Australia, US, and Canada along with fellow advocate and friend Debra Keay, from Ontario. It was an engaging, interesting two hours, the questions asked brought great things to the table. Sitting […]

ViewPoints and Heart Strings

Last night and the night before I had vivid dreams, in part in those dreams I watched myself write this blog , it was so vivid, on waking I wasn’t actually sure if somehow I had gotten up and actually wrote it, so had to check, but no I had only written it in my […]


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