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My UFA guest piece

Being Brave and Advocate to Advocate

Today I’m writing about two things, the first being about being brave. I had to learn to be brave after my husband died 15 years ago, I was young, it took a lot of bravery to wade back out into the world, to re-invent who I was, to build a new life a solo life. […]

Trying to Understand and Being Somewhat Afraid that I Already Do

For days now I’ve been sitting thinking about and trying to understand why it seems so difficult to get organizations to work together particularly dementia Organizations. there are organizations that do some things very well, while others do other pieces well, but instead of working collaboratively, there are very few and very seldom where they […]

Tired but not in the way one would think

My soul is tired, my heart is tired, physically I am getting stronger every day, it has been an exhausting 11 months, trying to regain so much that was lost during my illness unrelated to my dementia that struck in March. So although I am regaining physical strength, it is my heart and soul that […]


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