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Navigating the Unknown

Its been 11 days since my world was turned upside down, and it should and is for the most part turned up side down in a good way. I feel better than I have felt in years, I literally feel 10 years younger. No pain, no fatigue, inflammation almost completely gone. Lung function improved, energy […]

Unexpected Gift

I woke up this morning still feeling somewhat overwhelmed, and Im not even sure overwhelmed is the right word. Maybe in a bit of shock, somehow wondering is this real, is this really happening. I’m still processing how out of something that has been so devastating to and for so many, and for the rest […]

Changes through the Years

I’ve spent the last few days going through a box of photos, some from my very early years, some brought about scatterings of memories, others complete blanks, but some of the things were fun to see, like pictures of my mom with me as just a little one, enjoying the water, clearly her love of […]

Embracing the Freedom

This morning I woke thinking more about something that has been on my mind a lot lately. It is something that I have had some great conversations about in the last little while and perhaps its on the minds of many others. Okay, I’ll be honest there has been many things floating around this brain […]


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