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It’s All About Acceptance

I have forgotten when I last wrote, there is a lot of reasons that my writing is becoming more sporadic, but mainly because my brain has been needing to rest, a lot of rest. My brain once again feels like if you peeled open the outer layer of skin, lifted it from my forehead and […]


Its a topic we hear about and talk about all the time and at times it seems almost like when we are asking and looking for help and answers as to the why’s and how’s we are ungrateful, which in fact is so far from any truth. So what am I talking about? Well it’s […]

Here We Are at Another Sunday

Here we are another week gone by, life is marching on so fast, changing so fast, its hard to keep up with it all. Most times I am lost trying to navigate where we are in the week or month even. There is so many things changing for so many people, not just dementia but […]

Just For a Moment

Yesterday I had a lovely day, a beautiful day really, unless of course you count all the things that my brain had me struggling with. Like in the morning looking at my blister pack ,thats what they call it here when they prepackage your medications so you know what day and time to take them, […]


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