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Walking a Fine Line

I wonder if the buzz in the last couple years around “Dementia Friendly Communities “, is actually walking a fine line between doing good and doing harm. For years we have been fighting for the human rights of those living with Dementia to be recognized, for segregation to stop, yes it stills happens every locked […]

Saturday Morning Pondering

Life changed so much when I was diagnosed with Dementia, but I allowed myself and pushed myself to find new purpose, to find hope, to forge a new life, a different life, but it has become a good life. So very different for what was my life to what is my life, but I have […]

The Wheels Go Round and Round Or Do they?

Wow, not sure what’s influenced my brain behaviour but the last few days have and are definitely showing the cracks. I just sat down decided to try to write because nothing else I’m trying to do cognitively is happening. Ok I’m back, side tracked again, something popped into my head so decided to go check […]

Please Please Just Stop

The last few weeks have seen me in many conversations with others living with varying types of dementia and Alzheimer’s. There was one thing in all those conversations that was so common, was so frustrating for those living with Dementia that I felt it time to talk about it. We need the medical professionals, as […]


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