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Quiet Contemplation

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Yesterday I spent many hours sitting quietly with my Christmas lights on, somehow they create a sense of peacefulness and calm. I sat thinking about the last couple weeks, the weeks coming ahead.
We have some scary times looming, from just before Christmas until end of January early February( that’s my opinion only). Mostly because people don’t seem to understand that although Christmas is supposed to be different this year ( and many are refusing to do what’s required), Christmas can still happen, it can still be great, better to do it different,this year then put others and yourself at risk and then have people missing from that table for all future Christmases. It’s about attitude, it’s about understanding that if you truly love others and can love selflessly, then you would sacrifice doing things the same old way, for a period of time.
This isn’t about conspiracy theories, yes we can make it about anything we want, and some will, but what it really is about is love. yes it’s that simple, do you love your fellow man enough to make some changes and short term sacrifices, or is your love directed more at yourself and your individual wants, and for the most part they are wants not needs.
so what made me think about these things so deeply, I’ve been troubled watching the reckless behaviour, the disregard for others. Especially given that I’ve also had to watch some dear friends lose a son, another friend lose her husband, and another friend have one of their young bright 17 year old having to spend the next nine or months in the children’s hospital, undergoing unimaginable treatment, being away from her family and loved ones. While another cares for her terminally ill husband. And all those who care about them understanding the importance of not taking the risk and bringing and putting them more at risk, and not being able to be there in the ways one would like to be.
This is why it’s so important to do our part, so that we can be there for those when they need us the most. Wearing a mask, staying home, changing how and who you spend Christmas with for one Christmas, for a period of months, is nothing in comparison to watching people you care about going through these events, it’s such a simple sacrifice, it’s a show of love to our fellow man, it’s a show of love.

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

One reply on “Quiet Contemplation”

My sincere condolences for those that you have lost to the virus. Yesterday, had to make a tough choice and walked out of my sons house as his girlfriend had asked us to come by to celebrate our grandsons birthday. Anyhow, I guess communication was not good as they had several people at the house with out masks, so we dropped off the gift and left. I wish my son and his family would take this seriously as well.

Thank you as always for sharing!

Have a lovely day.


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