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All that in a Day

Yesterday was one of those seemingly rare days, when you have one amazing thing happening and it turns into a day filled with more than you could imagine.

The day started out with the anticipation and excitement about the on line book launch for my book, “For this I am Grateful”. Hosted by Noelannah Nuebeauer and Janet Douglas.
They had done a terrific job, marketing this event, great posters and graphics. But before the event started I received an email from the University of Toronto, I had done a survey for them because of all the illness I have suffered since March, turns out they are doing a research project of people like myself, it is not rolled out across Canada yet, that will happen though, so they will be keeping my information so I will be part of their research, which includes antibody testing for covid, it is specifically looking at the “ long hauler” people who are still or did struggle for many months, but never got tested early due to tests not being done for everyone at that time.
I’m thrilled to take part, to maybe end up with clear answers, and I’m quite sure my doctor would also like a more clear reason for what’s been happening these last months.

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The next thing that happened was I was having my third day of being the best I’ve been for months, not perfect, but perfect enough for me, it was day four of a new regime of massive doses of vitamin C, D, magnesium, and increased pre and probiotics, and an anti histamine every day. My arm is improving, all other symptoms returning to more normal like behaviours, my sleep is better, fatigue has eased, able to be up for increased number of hours per day.

The book. Launch was a great success and a lot of great questions and conversations throughout. I loved how engaged and interactive it was.
Following the event I was then asked to talk to a class of HCA students, so I am honoured to and will do that week after next. This is where we start to make a difference and can truly have an impact.
Right after that I had a meeting with Sana from Alzheimer’s BC, she will be presenting today at a committee. I sit on in our community, that is working to make Vernon a Dementia Friendly Village, we talked about the use of language, we talked about how to change it and to work on the language around it. She then asked if she could change her presentation to be a joint presentation, which would be more of a discussion between her and I and more questions directed to me, so that then the conversation could become more interactive with the rest of the committee with more of a Q&A event rather than just a presentation by her. These are all great things.

But it doesn’t stop there, then I received a call from Okanagan Clinical trials, I was there for my third time last Monday, my testing in some areas was where I would have thought they would be, but in Two others they were worse than I expected, and yet somehow I wasn’t surprised really because I know I’ve had some changes in specific areas over recent months. But they were a little worse than anticipated. So they called to say after reviewing my tests again they have decided there is another trial they are just starting that they feel I am a perfect candidate for if I’m willing to participate. So today I will be talking with them about what that will entail. It is another avenue to contribute to help all in the fight to learn and understand Dementia.
I was up more than I had hoped in the night with my arm bothering me, I have been fully up since four thirty this morning watching the snow fall, but overall still feel like I’m improving. The specialist Dr. Cunningham wanted me to see regarding my arm referred as an urgent, won’t happen until February, I think I will have figured out the pieces to get myself well before then, I can’t wait and do nothing, so hopefully this new regime will keep showing improvement. In the meantime it’s time to get ready for another day of meetings starting at ten am winding up at two, that’s a lot in one day for me, my brain will be fatigued so nothing else will happen today except maybe a walk in the fresh falling snow, where I can reflect on all the great things of yesterday.

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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