In Gratitude

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Wow, today I am finally feeling like I have sort of processed being awarded the very prestigious Richard Taylor Award for my advocacy work. It has taken me a few days to process and I’m sure I will continue to process it for days to come. But I have sat back and really thought deeply about what it means to me. For me being awarded this incredible award means that those who I work with respect the work I do, those who have been impacted by some of what I do inspire me to keep going.

I’m truly blessed to have the pleasure of working along side so many great people, and to have and continue to have such great mentors. For without all those before me and all the work they have done, my voice may not have ever been heard. I owe much to all of them and I have the utmost respect for all those living with Dementia who are doing so much to try to have our voices heard, to bring awareness to end the Stigma. Knowing that at times we all get tired, and we all wonder if what we are doing truly matters, clearly it does, receiving this award propels me to keep going.

There are not enough words to thank all those who have helped me in my drive to make a difference, those living with Dementia, DAI, and DAC and DAA, ADI and all the researchers as well as everyone that I have met along the way, those who have helped by having me on their shows and podcasts, to the people who help behind the scenes, for without them, I could not function, after all I do have Dementia and it does come with its challenges, but having mentors, having colleagues, having people volunteer their time to help me achieve my goals it is truly an award that I share with them.

So Thank you to all who have and continue to be part of my journey, this award is not just mine but yours as well. I appreciate everyone of you in more ways than you know, I treasure each relationship, and my dementia as given me the gift of all of you and for this I am truly Grateful.

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By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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