An Unepected Morning of things to be Grateful For

My new fridge is arriving this today, its been on back order, so this morning I had to be up early to have the other one ready to go, it started leaking some kind of free-on, or antifreeze or whatever is in them these days a while ago, my landlord ordered a new one, but because of all the delays in getting things we didn’t know when it would get here, but today is the day. I am grateful that my landlord is so good about ensuring things are in proper running order and getting things fixed. I then had to get to my physiotherapy appointment, got back home to see a call from a Interior Health line, I answered to find my doctor on the other end, an unexpected call, right away he said he doesn’t like my vocal sounds at all, we talked about how we are waiting for some stuff from my specialist, then talked about the ongoing lung issues, fatigue and swallowing problems. He said he was at the hospital today, he is at the Cancer Clinic at the hospital on Thursdays as he is not only my GP but he is an oncologist as well, and spends Thursdays there, but he said he decided he needed to check on me, thus the unexpected call. He decided he was going to talk to the specialist while he is in the hospital about my swallowing and vocal issues and after he hung up I then had a call from his office saying he wants to see me in is office Saturday morning, not the usual day or time for a doctor to see patients. All of this has me feeling so grateful, I now how many people don’t have doctors, I know how many people struggle to see their doctors and get appointments so, when people wonder why I am always so unwilling to leave here, it is because I have such a good team of doctors and starting over could cause me a lot more harm, and the real possibility of ending up without care is something I am not willing to do at this point.

I am concerned about whats happening to my vocal abilities, and whats going on with my swallowing,I’ve thought about what will happen if I wake up when day and my vocal abilities are just gone, how will being on my own look then? A person cannot help but to think about all these things, or at least I can’t, maybe thats because I have learnt to try to be ready to adapt to new ways of managing things since my diagnosis. Regardless, I am very grateful that my doctor is so willing to do so much on my behalf, its something I hope never to take for granted. So no matter what I do try to find the positive in things and today all the positives were shining through, from my landlord to my doctors. I don’t and won’t sit and feel bad for myself as there is still far too much to enjoy and appreciate each and every day. I hope each of you can find something to be grateful for today.

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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