Pondering As January 3rd begins

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I have the feeling that we may have a rough 5 or 6 weeks a head with the new covid variant but I also believe that by the end of February we will enter a time of endemic , and that things will start to improve. I don’t think our world will ever return to what it was but I don’t actually believe it should. we have so much that needs our attention. Our climate, our oceans, and lakes and streams, our wildlife. our health care systems, our seniors, our young, it seems everywhere we look there is a crisis looming, so we need to go forward, to do better, to be better at being humans. It feels like we’ve really fumbled that up.

I spend 17 hours in bed last night through till this morning, changing and challenging health issues has meant it’s been a super quiet holiday season for me, but the better part of the last couple years has been that way. It did make me think about how and what we will see for many with dementia through 2022.

It is well documented that people with dementia would be impacted do a greater degree than most by covid, and for a variety of reasons, isolation, lack of stimulation and engagement, weaker immune symptoms, which makes them more susceptible to many other illnesses. I have watched many of my global family of people living with dementia being effected by more serious health complications, declines in their overall well being. I can’t help but wonder as the world opens back up in whatever fashion that may be, the enormous toll taken on those with dementia. I do believe that everyone regardless of their health conditions, from the most fit and healthiest to people with various health concerns have been impacted, I am not meaning to take away from that. But as an Advocate about living with dementia and for others living with dementia, I think we will have to look at how we are advocating and I wonder will it bring changes in what we need advocating for. I do think we need to really pay close attention as we move forward and have honest conversations about the impacts on ourselves from our perspective and for those with partners from their perspectives as well.

I don’t know what 2022 has in store for me, but none of us really do, but whatever it is I will take it day by day. I hope all those living with Dementia remember to go a little easier on yourselves and for everyone regardless of if they live with dementia or not that this can and may be a year of healing, healing relationships, ( if they are meant to be healed, some are meant to just let be), healing of ourselves of our hearts and minds and souls, for I think often we forget to look inside and see what is hurting and spend some quality time healing our selves. that we can all find a place where we feel at peace from the inside out. That we can find a way to be a little gentler a little more patient and a little kinder as we make our way into this new world.

I am leaving you with a few pictures of my time between Christmas and New Years, when I felt well enough to be outside even for just a fews minutes, and snapped a few pictures. I hope as January unveils itself it showers you all with many blessings for the coming year.

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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