April Fools, April 1,2022

As we awake to the start of another month, April, wow, feels like we were just at the start of 2022 and somehow we are already heading into the fourth month of it. In many ways I want to slow the year down, yet in other ways I’d like to hurry through it, so that perhaps things like the war being raged by Russia could or would some be over. April is my birth month, a month that we usually start to see a lot of things growing, things starting to bloom, a month that somehow feels like a month filled with hope and promise, and i truly wish that we all can be filled with much hope and promise of better days ahead.

Yesterday, I found myself so angry, wondering when and if we will ever get to a place where care homes become actual care homes, instead of warehouses, where our elders are given the time, respect and cared for in ways that allowed them to actually and maintain there dignity. when it actually is about the person and not the tasks. I was upset about it all over again yesterday, because my neighbour came to ask for help, her husband is in care, he does not have dementia, he is of sound mind, but a stroke left him requiring 24 hour care, she is not able to provide it, so going into the care home was the only option. She was supposed to have a meeting regarding concerns around care and treatment he was and more wasn’t receiving. She wasn’t sure what to do, her husband felt that they should not do or say anything because the repercussions he would end ip bearing would likely be even worse than what he was already enduring. That is beyond words, beyond description, yet common place, people afraid to speak up, residents ( patients), left to bear the weight of a system that has brought about the acceptance of abuse and neglect. She told me that the week before a staff member had yelled at them both, because he needed to be toiletted, that they needed to learn and understand that they are too busy, to be being called for these things. The tasks, have taken priority over the care of the person. The bureaucracy, the business of care, has left out the most important element, the care. Care and Respect for our elders should not even have to be thought about, it should be something that is an integral part of everything we do everything we are, instead our elders have just become another throw a piece of society. Its so disgraceful. The people who are actually working within the system who do actual see the person, who do actually care, are so often left exhausted from trying to offer some form of quality of care, a little bit of dignity in a system that fights against it. The pandemic show cased how broken the system is, there is a continued promise of change, yet the horror stories keep coming, yet we still have people who have to be afraid to ask for the most basic care, which all creates further costs to a health care system that is crumbling. How did we get here, I’m not sure, but I sure hope we find a way to something better. I know for sure the MAID program is more and more appealing to many over being but into a system that neglect, and abuse are the norm, where paperwork, and other tasks trump actual time spend offering care, oh and how did it become a forgotten element that the time spend with someone is part of care. I know many will have many reasons why it is what it is, but if we get rid of all the bureaucracy, quit making things so complicated, strip it down to basics, lets start caring for people more than $$$$.

I borrowed this piece below from someone I know, she posted it today it was so fitting.

“I asked an elderly man once what it was like to be old and to know the majority of his life was behind him. He told me that he has been the same age his entire life. He said the voice inside of his head had never aged. He has always just been the same boy. His mother’s son. He had always wondered when he would grow up and be an old man. He said he watched his body age and his faculties dull but the person he is inside never got tired. Never aged. Never changed.
Our spirits are eternal. Our souls are forever. The next time you encounter an elderly person, look at them and know they are still a child, just as you are still a child and children will always need love, attention and purpose.” ~ Author Unknown

So I could write a book on this topic, but I will leave it there. so as we leave March behind and forge ahead into the hope that April brings, I find myself noticing more of my decline into my dementia, subtle changes and challenges, I am grateful that I have had another year and I am looking forward with hope. I hope April finds you all feeling hopeful of a brighter days ahead.

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By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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