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Being my own Lab Rat

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Am I going to be added to the list of Covid 19 “ Long Hauler” list, it’s hard to say,, Doctors are scrambling to deal with so many unknowns during this pandemic. How many people like me went without being tested because in the beginning testing was only being done on health care workers etc. We went untested for a month or more, the testing done at the point was well pointless.
I got sick on March 14, 9 months later, here we are in November and I have been hit with wave after wave of strange illness, I’ve struggled, I’ve been hospitalized a number of times. Inflammation in my system a huge issue, carbon Dioxide levels to high, skin infections, almost no part of my body has left untouched.

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The doctors are trying, they can’t say with certainty that I had covid back in the beginning, they can’t say I didn’t. I sit and wonder how many others fall into that category.
We can’t blame the doctors for so many unknowns, they don’t have all the answers this is something new, and just like with my dementia diagnosis I have to do my part to help my doctors help me. I have to read new reports and finding the doctors are simply to busy to keep up with it all the data coming in, after all they still have all the other duties being a doctor entails.
So I once again have become my lab rat, researching, reading, taking notes, to keep track build a graph so to speak.

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All my illness cannot be blamed on my Dementia, not all that has been attacking me can be blamed on my complications, my vascular system etc.
Last Saturday night, one of the doctors called me at 630 at night, saying they didn’t like something in one of my tests, something growing ( a bug/ infection) that they weren’t sure what it was, they gave me very powerful medications to eradicate it,

it doesn’t matter to me what the tests results were or weren’t, for one thing to many false tests especially in the early days.
what matters to me is that I do all I can to help myself. I don’t wish this on anyone, it’s relentless, I’ve had about 4/5 weeks that I could classify has feeling really good in 9 months, I am striving to fuel my body with has much good stuff as I can in my bid for a good run. I keep being told it’s going to take time, I’ve been hearing that since March, and given that I’m in year six of my journey with Dementia, time is the one thing I don’t have a lot of to spare. Each day since the massive three days of medication last Saturday night, I am feeling better and stronger. I am holding my breath hoping this is finally the thing that stops all these attacks on my system.
This also means I am being extra cautious, wether you believe covid is as bad as they say, or don’t believe in at all, all I can say is I wish this on no one. The more the numbers climb, the more I isolate myself, and I have since the day we started in March been following and taking all precautions, I know I’m high risk and I know because of my dementia I would not be given the same care as someone without Dementia, I’m already terminal, so I can live with that, but at the same time I can fight hard to get myself a couple more years and be able to have a quality of life. I’m not done yet.

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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