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My Bubble of One

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So over the last two days, I have had to sit and weigh some very big things. Now for those who know me they know, I have been extremely cognizant of the importance of being vigilant due to covid 19. It has meant social distance visits, mostly outdoors, not going out for lunch or dinners, a life that is already very solidary became even more solitude. But the last two days, learning much about the realities from very trusted sources, sometimes I feel so grateful for all the opportunities to work( ok volunteer my time) with so many talented and gifted people. But in all of that, there is a lot to be learned within those meetings.

However, I may have Dementia but I am far from stupid, no one has had to tell me to wear a mask, or to limit where I go and my contact with others. I can see for myself, I can add up the death rates, I also know what happens if our health care system and its workforce get sick, no one has to tell me, and given all that I know and all that is coming in the coming weeks and likely months.

I have made the hard decision because I live alone, there is no one to take care of me because my health is already so unstable much of the time. I have been over the last several days bringing in enough supplies to get myself through the next couple of months. I have water, I have necessities, I have food, the rest to come tomorrow, after which time, I will be a bubble of one for the next few months, me and my dog Pheobe, we will keep each other company, I have to look after my health, I want to be able to stand at the end of this pandemic, so for a time, for this time, I become 100% isolated.

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I hope to be able to see people via video calls, facetime, and zoom, and telephone calls, it is those interactions that will keep me afloat, it will be the piece that keeps me able to manage my mental well being. I also want to keep others safe so this is the best way forward for the time being.

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Thankfully, the new measures brought in today have helped me in all of this, people are to stay to just who is in their household, I am a household of one. this also makes me acutely aware of the pitfalls of being on your own. Not having anyone to talk to or have coffee with or share your worries or fears, but I am not the only one who lives alone, so I am asking that if you know someone who lives alone, take the time to call and chat, you might be the one person who kept them treading water on a bad day.

Thankfully I have projects on the go, I also have my various research and Dementia groups and Organizations, that will keep me mentally stimulated. Time flies by even during difficult times, I’ve endured many difficult days in my life, this is a difficult time for everyone, I hope everyone does what they need to do to ensure their families and their own well being while continuing to think of those who do not have a support system around them. I will be Ok because I have every intention to finish things that have been put off because of this pandemic. This weekend, I will decorate my little space, while listening to Christmas Music. I will make Christmas Dinner and smile watching my dog enjoy hers, and I will reflect and be grateful for all the good that is still to be had and that there still is in this world, and I will look forward to all those phone calls and chats.

Writing will help me as well, another book to write,? Well, you never know. But the writing will document how the Covid 19 has impacted people living with Dementia, it information they are wanting to gather my writing will help with that.

I will keep all in my thoughts.

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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