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Some days are just meant to feel good no

The day started with me having trouble getting myself oriented to the day/ date, then trying to get the final shopping to stock my house so that I can stay in for a couple months.

Yes that’s my plan I’ll reevaluate after the New Years. It was a big job for me, it drained my brain power. A lost phone, trying to manage a comprehensive list, shopping of any type challenges me know but this really tested me, especially trying to ensure I didn’t miss anything, which is quite normal for me with any list, whether it be a recipe or a grocery list, it is challenging. None the less, one store had 90% of my list, which really made me happy, after unloading and putting away, which has been another challenge as my space is limited snd no storage space, but I’ve spent weeks working on it every day so things found a spot, then I was alerted to something I wasn’t aware of : Dementia Connections put out their list of four must read And there so was along with three other incredible authors, I was so honoured, I was beaming with delight, I sent it off to my publisher right away, a great sense of pride washed over me, somehow a peacefulness that maybe my effort to help others and make a difference was being realized. I’m very humbled. You can see the list here:

The realization that there are many things I’m misplacing like my phone earlier in the day, which created a lot of havoc for me once I realized it was lost, eventually it was found, where in fact it had not been lost, I had just gotten off track left it in an unlikely spot, because I’m losing focus more often. Many little things in a day that are missteps, misplaced and “oh what the hell” moments. They are becoming more frequent. But amidst the down turns there is the things that pull you up, like the Dementia Connections List or the surprise of this beautiful friendship Rose I received yesterday, a friendship I’m blessed to have made and had I not been diagnosed with dementia and if she had not been diagnosed as well and had I not written my book, our paths may never have crossed. So today I’m Grateful, because no matter how much my Dementia has taken from me or how much more it will, it has given back ten fold in the most delightful and unexpected ways.

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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