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After the Pandemic

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I sit in silent trepidation, wondering, somewhat fearful of what the world will be like post pandemic. We all wondered how we would get through it and if we have managed to get through it without the loss of family or friends we should take a moment and pause and be grateful. By the grace of God go I.

There has been much changing in our world through this pandemic and it has given us a time and chance to think about how much of what was life pre-pandemic we want to bring back, how much we want to let go off. It is know has we move towards a post pandemic world that we should all be asking ourselves what we want our world to look like, do we want to go back to the rat race of living to work, vs. working to live, do we want to be so busy we are always farming our children out, that we constantly work to have more and bigger, or do we want a more simplistic, peaceful, less stressed way of living. Do we want to work to live so we have time for family and friends, so we have time for ourselves? I think many are asking all the questions , do we want to go back to that world where consumerism runs us.

It seems we have a world running on anger these days, you can sense it, feel it, see it everyday, our world is broken and how we all decide to treat each other, to treat our earth as we come out of the pandemic is paramount to what the future is going to be. Will it remain broken, will the anger grow, or will we find our way to be more compassionate towards each other, kinder, gentler. Will we care more about the human element than the $$$$. Will we go back to a world driven by greed, money and power or will we truly fix things like long term care, will we start caring and taking care of our elders, care for them as the gifts they are to all of us. We will start to take better care of our disabled, of those living with mental health issues, will we look at our homeless situation and realize it is a systemic issue and we need to fix it, every single person should be able to afford housing and food. Coming out of this pandemic we have the opportunity to do a better job, to be better people, but will we do what’s needed and necessary or will we simply slide back into what was because that’s the easy out, not that it was necessarily how we were wanting to live, but because we know it, and in all it’s stress and discomfort it became comfortable.
I wonder if all that we have advocated for and have been working for, all the efforts to improve things for those with Dementia will be swept aside, will we be pushed further into the background.
I am left wondering will I be comfortable stepping back into the world, or have I know become even more comfortable in my isolation.
We are left with much to think about and I hope we will, and I know for many they are feeling a lot of angst, anxiety, and stress about what’s coming, but maybe we all need to take a collective sigh, then take our steps slowly and be willing to listen to that inner voice that we finally been able to hear after years of so much business that it was drowned.
Go back into the world doing your part to ensure you’re doing it in a way that I’d helping shape the kind of world you want to live in fully and wholly.
For those of us that live each day doing all we can to be present in the moments of the day we are given, for me that was the silver lining of my dementia diagnosis, for many the pandemic has given them the opportunity to be more present in their own lives.
I don’t know what the world is going to look like coming out of this, I do know, I hope we look back to a different time, to our parents time, take what was good from there and somehow lost, and bring some of those things back and toss some others of recent years that have not served us well. I hope we are all brave enough.

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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