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A Brighter Day


I have had in the last couple days been able to enjoy the better air, as the winds have dispersed the smoke. Our temperatures have gone from mid to high thirties to mid twenties, making the temperature perfect. Covid has brought a lot more restrictions, so I remain mostly isolated, being very careful, so doing things in ways that I can enjoy a little of nature without the worry of trying to navigate and keep space from people. So yesterday was the perfect day to go to our neighbouring community of Armstrong and take in the Bloom Festival. Walking through the fields of Sunflowers, was so uplifting, such happy flowers. You had to get tickets to go at a certain time, so there was only one other family of three enjoying the gardens so no worries of trying to navigate around people. I took my sister in law ( Kay), we enjoyed strolling, the fresh air felt so good, it was nature, which I need and have needed so badly. It is not the way I typically enjoy nature, but all of the areas I would normally be going, but they are all burning up in the fires, so I have to adapt, my outdoor and nature time is so important to my overall well being.

This was up,lifting after the recent months, it was bright and cheerful. We enjoyed ice cream after and then went picking choke cherries along the farmers fields. Today I will make choke cherry jelly. The rain came down a summer sprinkle, while picking the choke cherries but I didn’t mind, it felt good and res fresh ingredients actually.
After I got home I gathered up Pheobe and off we went to have a walk, she is enjoying being reenergized as well by the cleaner air and cooler temperatures. The day before I took her so we could have a walk, and I could take my flip flops off and enjoy walking in the grass, so important for me to get my grounding in. It has been lacking in the last few months. We throughly enjoyed our walk and I am planning more of that each day, as we wind down the season before winter comes. One week from today I will be going on my three day trip, to another area of our province, to enjoy three days on a little rustic cabin on the edge of a lake. It’s not in a fire area, so nature, fresh air and the calming of water…blissful….so looking forward to it.
It’s amazing to me how just a couple days of feeling like you can breathe and enjoying nature in whatever way one can makes one feel like they just might make it through to the other side of all this.
I hope you enjoy some of the pictures I snapped.

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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