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Last night I woke in the middle of the night, feeling angry and upset by the rallies going on at places like Kelowna General Hospital yesterday, as well as other various locations in BC. I laid in bed thinking about how I was feeling towards those that took part, in part I felt bad for them, bad for them because they have become so wrapped up in the hype and often misleading information out there. Bad for them and wondering if it was because they just are so desperate to feel they are part of something. Or are they grandstanding? I wonder how many of those people wear one coat when out doing these things and a different one at home. I wonder if any of those people would actually forgo treatment if they become ill. Are they willing to go that far for what they seemingly believe?

You see I don’t care if you have a a different opinion, that is not a problem for me, as long as it doesn’t have a negative impact on me or the people I care about. Because we are all entitled to our opinions, but none of us are entitled to create harm to others because of it.

So I have this to say to you the anti maskers: You’re behaviour and disrespect towards a medical system that is doing its best and health care workers who have been working in unimaginable stress for about 18 or 20 months know is disgusting. Your total disregard for them and what they do.

My thoughts are this: Everyone who refuses to get vaccinated has the right to do so, but then they should be willing to live in such a way that their choice does not impact the greater society. So others who are desperately waiting for surgeries that have to keep getting postponed; because too many covid patients in the hospitals, well perhaps people should be triaged differently, perhaps its time that the person waiting for surgery or treatments gets triaged first, if you end up with Covid and haven’t had your vaccine you only get treatment if no one else is in que waiting for that bed, for surgeries or treatments. It is absolutely your right to refuse, but myself and others have rights too and you are abusing others. You are causing harm to others.

I have a compromised system, I have been extremely careful, I live alone that has meant extreme isolation over this last 18 or 19 months. But I have done, for two reasons, one because it is my responsibility to do my part, and too ensure I am still standing at the end of this, and that I don’t put unnecessary burden on the medical system.

But just when I thought perhaps things were improving and I might finally be able to get out a little more, numbers go up, the hospitals fill up, and these are hospitals that I worked at. I have many friends working in these environments, the disrespect you show them is unforgivable and I wonder, would you still expect that these people should or would care to look after you if you got sick? You wear seatbelts in your car to stay safe, you drive at a speed limit to stay safe, every single day we do things to stay safe and to keep others safe, but somehow taking a vaccine that can protect you and your greater community and keep them safe has become reason to show disrespect to try to create discordances within people, and families. I wonder if at the end of it, it will have been worth it? Perhaps all those who don’t want to should have to create their own health system so that if they get sick they can look after each other without putting the strain on the system, those those waiting for surgeries and treatments for things like Cancer can actually receive their treatments. Because they and we have rights too, not just you, perhaps we should all get together and have rallies that are in complete contradiction to yours, perhaps we should make you feel the way you are making others feel. Perhaps instead of allowing you to be so thoughtless and reckless with your rights we need Rostand up and make our rights heard and understood.

I don’t care if you get vaccinated, but then stay out of the public areas, where you cause grave concern to others, because if you care little for others rights and its all about your rights then you need to go live somewhere where you can live with your rights without disrespecting the rights of others. And you absolutely should not be allowed to have your rights upheld while others are not. So you should not seek help or expect help if you become sick. Others rights should be upheld.

I am deeply saddened to see those in the health care field feeling so battered and bruised, working unimaginable numbers of hours in a day, days in a row, to be disrespected in the ways that transpired.

Perhaps you should have all traveled to the legislature and held your rally there, perhaps you should think a little more about who you are impacting to have your voices heard, and by the way most of us just shut you in disgust. I am a firm believer in using our voices for the greater good, I do not believe in using our voices to create discourse, upset where it can do no good.

For those few who work in the field who attended, I wonder are you expecting to one day return to work and have any kind of working relationship with the people you just took part in disrespecting?

As I said I don’t care yes you have the right to decide if you want a vaccine or not, but you do not have the right to step on my rights or anyone else’s. I am so disheartened, I hope and pray that the world will become a better place but the actions and behaviours I see lately have me wondering if thats possible. So I shall continue to live in isolation, I will do everything in my power to protect myself from you.

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

3 replies on “Enraged”

Christine – Verbatim, you have taken the words right out of my mouth. For someone who has been in healthcare one way or another, for 40 years, I have seen so much non-compliance to either this or that for the sake of “choice”. For anti-maskers, are you pro-harm, pro-death? Explain that to a child you have infected because you are a carrier and that child is laying in a hospital pediatric ICU. Over dramatic? Think carefully before you answer that. Someone I loved for over 27 years, died of COV-ID over a year ago. The last time I spoke to him he wasn’t feeling well and I asked him to speak to his son-in-law who trained staff for field hospitals in war zones. He said he might because he and his son-in-law didn’t always see eye to eye. Within a few weeks, he was gone. I believe in choice, but within limits, especially if there is the potential of harming another person in that choice, and that is what an anti-masker is doing. We have speed limits. Is it your choice to drive 80 in a school zone. Yes, but at the cost of losing your license, charged with numerous vehicle offensives and possibly killing a child. Is it mandatory to wear seatbelts? Do you have to turn off cell phones on airplanes? If you have HIV, that is your choice to have sexual relationships with someone, but if you don’t take precautions and you are putting that person at risk of contracting the disease, what then. We have choices, I believe in choice, but sometimes the choices need to be made for us because our thinking is skewed. It doesn’t mean that everyone has to think the same, but if you are not willing to protect yourself, take into consideration the harm you will be causing to another person. Statistics show worldwide the millions who have died and/or contracted this virus. Think about how we reduced/eliminated incidents of small pox, polio, tuberculosis, measles, mumps, rubella, etc.. so many of which were deadly or debilitating. To everyone, having worked in Public Health for a number of years, influenza A or B were infections everyone caught. Today with COV-ID the reduction of influenza has dropped by almost 80% – due to hand washing and masking. COV-ID viruses are hear to stay and I believe will never be eliminated but they can be reduced when precautions are put in place – MASK UP!

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The other part of this attack at KGH is the organizers are not from here – they are professional rabble rousers calling themselves nurses, tho no proof of that has been offered. They’ve been traveling across Canada causing and inciting trouble. It saddens me that so many in this health district are so ignorant of the facts: nearly 90% of those in hospital now with Covid are those not vaccinated. Our health district represents 15% of the population of our province, but 50% of Covid cases. That stat alone should be enough to convince hold-outs to get the vaccine.

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Wow! I feel this so much. I can’t even begin to imagine how staff at these hospitals were able to cope with this insanity outside. My heart breaks for every one of you.
Your comments on triaging patients were dead on! The thought of any of these people coming to you for Covid help enrages me.
I hope you and all health care workers know that there are more of us who love and respect you, than there are of these loud idiots.
Thank you for all that you do for us ❤️🙏

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