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Peaceful Sunday Morning

4 a.m. Moon

I was awake at 4 am, the moon was almost full or full, it was beautiful, the clouds surrounding it seemed to somehow aluminate it even more, it had a very peaceful feeling about it. I watch the sky a lot, it like the ocean is ever changing at times it feels heavy at other times it seems foreboding and then as last night it creates such a peacefulness to it.

I was then outdoors at 6 am with Pheobe, she very settle wants to be out at that time unlike her younger years, where she joined me in my early morning wakings, but this morning she wanted to go out, so we went for a short stroll around the building, chatted with a crow, he’s majestic, and they have been gone all summer, likely because of the heat and smoke and lack of water sources, so I am thrilled they are back, I have a couple of them who chat with me regularly. I find them to be so intelligent, and social.

It is now after 9 am and Pheobe is enjoying her sleep in after her short outing, and I was delighted to open my email to find a lovely letter from my former Boss and Mentor Marliss, what a delight, I am so grateful that she continues to be in my life, the friendship we developed is something I treasure. It will be one of those friendships that will stand the test of time, a true respect for each other. It was the icing on the cake for a beautiful Sunday morning and I can’t wait until I again am able to wander freely and do some catching up with family and friends. There is also something comforting in receiving letters whether by post or email, that remind me of a simpler time, of friendships that stood regardless of the miles in between, and caused great delight, and the joy of seeing each other again in the future. I so enjoy a old fashioned phone call as well, to hear someones voice and catch up, texts are great for quick messages but to actually hear someones voices reminds us of those connections that are so important, to hear someones voice as they fill you in on the exciting things that have happened, or the sadness at the losses they may have endured. Zoom and Face time are also wonderful ways to communicate when distance prevents visiting, or during times like we are faced with due to the Pandemic.

Its now 11 am I took a break to go for an hour long walk with Pheobe, its supposed to storm later so wanting to take advantage of the beautiful morning. It’s really important with the increase in my health challenges ( Vascular Dementia means there are many challenges that are not cognitive, let’s remember that Dementia is about more than memory loss), that I continue to try to walk and exercise as much as possible. Although my abilities have decreased significantly since May, as my condition changes, I have and will continue to do as much as I can, and I am in hopes that with the help of my Physiotherapist and my pilates instructor I will have some relief and some even if slight improvements, my vocal abilities are really impacted as well, more and more my voice disappears, I no longer have enough muscle strength for continued vocals. I try to keep them strong, I even try to sing to pheobe, although it sounds like something very strange. This morning on our drive home I sang her the song “You Are So Beautiful to Me”, she sat looking at me like she somehow understands, so she endures my singing, and crackling, it makes me sad that my voice although it has become softer in recent years is failing me, so perhaps my writing is another gift in the loss of something else. Maybe I will not lose total vocals, but maybe more of a whisper. These are pictures of our walk this morning and the lovely cup of tea I’m now enjoying, yes its time for the Snoopy Cups to be out, fall is here, which means Christmas is not far off.

I am very focused on getting the most out of each day, taking the small wins, being thankful that I can at least still take care of myself, that I can still walk and drive, although everything is at a reduced speed, I have much to be thankful for. I believe that the impact of the pandemic on those of us with Dementia is still likely to be realized I believe it has impacted many of us quite severely. I have learnt through this not to put expectations on myself and instead to look and be grateful for all that is positive and good in my life. I wish you all a pleasant and happy Sunday.

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

One reply on “Peaceful Sunday Morning”

Lovely post Chrissy. I know how hard it was giving up things that I can no longer do because of my disability and to have embraced getting up each day looking forward to discovering new things. I love your way of thinking.

Have a beautiful Sunday.


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