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A Time of Change

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Tonight we change our clocks back an hour, or at least most of us do. There is a small little area of British Columbia never changes the time, the rest of us do it every year at this time and then again in the sprint. In earlier times it was done to give farmers as much daylight as possible to work in. I suppose one could say it was a good idea years ago, although I am not sure even that makes sense to me. I believe at one tome people worked by the sun and the moon, they hunted and fished in accordance with the seasons, they planted and harvested the same way.

Somewhere in there western civilization decided that changing the clocks was a better way. People have long said it is very hard on their systems, it is a time of more accidents, all kinds of evidence to show that perhaps this was not the best choice, yet it still remains. They say its to help farmers, farmers have high powered equipment with massive lighting systems that they can work whenever they want, so that no longer is valid.

Every year we go through this debate if wether we should put it to where it was before man started messing with it and leave it there. We then here how we can’t unless the USA also agrees, if we went ahead without them it would create havoc for the airline’s. This is also something I don’t believe, they deal with varying timezones all over the world.

I believe its another classic example of how policy and beuacries can make things far more difficult than they need to be. Man has become so good at over complicating things. We can live how we were intended, If we need to operate during the other times we have the capability to. We have lights, we have alarm clocks, the time itself doesn’t have to change. These time changes effect me, I find them very difficult. Not all countries change, and some countries like in Canada, not all areas within it change.

So it appears that it is more about what certain people, certain corporations and companies want than what is actually best for people. It seems that for far to long, money, power, greed as been allowed to dictate what policies are upheld, what ones are changed. So many of the crisis we are facing are happening because of commercializations, money, power and greed. It has created a world that every day becomes harder to be part of, but I can hope for change, I can hope for a better world.

Onto other things, it was a crazy week, many twists and turns, a broke down car, hours sitting waiting for tests at the hospital, although I found that time enjoyable, i engaged in conversations with others, saw a old colleague and had a nice visit, the hours actually created an opportunity for me to have face to face ( masks of course), social distance of course, but face to face interactions, social engagement, human interaction, which as been so lacking living alone. My car repaired yesterday, an enjoyable impromptu walk through our down town. The longest walk I’ve been able to manage in about a year and a half. I must say I am impressed with the changes happening in the down town area. Some great phone conversations, participating in the Radar Summit in Saskatchewan, and working with some great organizations, striving to make a difference.

Time is moving quickly it seems,

another day ends, another dawns.

Falling behind, catching up, or just drifting along.

Go to bed, get up, go to bed,

where did the time go,

what did I, where did I go,

my oh my, what did I do,

it disappears as fast as the time.

My mind like time is often just gone.

This is my attempt at writing poetry, I am trying to do different things to help my brain hang onto to whatever abilities it can.

Daylight has dawned, time for another coffee, I hope you all have a great weekend . Don’t forget , whether we like it ir not, its that time for us to turn our clock back.

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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