A Strange Sort of Day

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It was a day of many things today, the weekends are always somehow strange, I am often not too sure of what to make of them anymore. They were far more important during my working times, times to catch up with people, catch up on things at home, relax, get ready for the coming week. Now I just get ready at the end of one day for the next, I don’t worry about the coming week. Yesterday, I re-homed a few items I no longer felt the need to keep, more and more the less I have in my space the happier I am, the easier I manage. Today, I attended our ( DAI) Sunday support group for people living alone, I haven’t been for awhile it was great to see everyone, then I walked for 1.5 hours, lots of fresh air. I made a big stir fry too have over the next few days. I watched the movie staring and directed by Billy Crystal, The movie is called ” Here Today”, I laughed, I cried, I watched it a second time. I highly recommend it if you are living with dementia, if someone you know lives with dementia, or you would like to understand it a little better. Very well done. Its available on Prime Video, I’m usually very critical of movies done about dementia but I related to his character very well.

I also realized that for as good as I am feeling, physically, I am still struggling with things like for example I had to look four times while watching the movie to see what it was called, as well not staying focused, many of those things we adjust to, those things are still happening, I was reminded by my dementia partner a number of times today, that the gift of feeling good, just means it gives me the ability and energy to do more, but is does not negate many of my dementia symptoms. I will say though without the constant pain, and fatigue, the rest of the symptoms are more of a nuisance than anything else. I don’t mean to down play them, its just after how difficult the last year has been they feel more manageable, and I know that I will have many hard days ahead. But for today, i want to relish in the good moments. The day will come when there won’t be the good days, there will be the nothingness days, so for today, it feels manageable.

I also thought a lot about the importance our animals play in our lives, in every ones lives but in particular to those with dementia. My Pheobe has helped me get through the last two years of this pandemic, so many of us they are life lines, they give unconditional love, they feel so many spaces that would otherwise feel very lonely. it makes me sad that so many people are not allowed to have their pets as they age or live in apartments or care homes. They improve lives so much, we owe them so much.

I hope the coming weeks is good for everyone

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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