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Making the Call

The last two days have seen a continued and sustained abilities, power walking each day, the day before yesterday i was up dressed and on the go. I went out to one of the food distribution plants picked up two cases 40 lbs of bananas in each case, they needed help to get them them to be and disturbed so they would not be wasted, I took them them to various people for use. Once I had completed that (something I would not have been able to undertake two weeks ago), I came home and made a triple batch of banana/ berry muffins, did a load of laundry, and made a lovely stir fry for dinner. Yesterday, I spent the day outdoors from just after 10 am until almost three walking, then I spent some time researching and reading on Moderna Canada Website, and decided that I would call and talk to them about what had happened to me and see if I could get some clarification, and some of my questions answered. I found their system easy to understand and navigate and suddenly I was speaking to one of their intake personal, after about forty minutes or so of questions, and going over everything I could about my changes, I know have a case Number to give to my doctor on Wednesday, they have his information and mine, everything that was documented now goes to the next level and they will either contact me or my doctor. I told them all the questions I have. We talked about how I am struggling to settle into this sudden and drastic change. I also talked about how the reason for me calling was I wanted to ensure that if what is happening to me can be pinpointed or understand and can help them figure out how to have it help others then I want to help ensure that happens. They asked me for the lot number etc. of the dose I was given, also all the medications I am currently on, it was very in depth. i felt emotionally drained by the end of it. It felt good to know I am doing what I can to try to make sense of it all, but more importantly that I don’t just not do what I can to ensure others be helped if there is any way this miracle of miracles can. some of my questions that have been sent off to be answered were: Do they know of more like myself seeing these results? What do they think is the piece that is in the vaccine that has targeted what exactly? and do they know will I require more doses going forward? Do they know if this will (i am hopeful), have long lasting effects? Many other questions as well. The intake person of course could not answer all of my questions, but only reassured me that all the information is very important. All of my advocating, my writing has always been to try to make a difference for others, this is no different. I understand people saying it doest matter just enjoy it, but for me it does matter because if they can look into the what and why’s of how it interacted with my body and that could lead to help for others I want to ensure that it happens. So I’m glad I took it upon myself to make the call.

The other thing that prompted me was an article and additional article that was sitting in my in box this morning from Deborah Kan this morning, I read her thoughts ten read the article included and it made me more sure that what happened to me was more than a coincidence, I have included it for you to read. I do not have a time frame beyond my next doctors visit next week, but I will keep documenting a paying close attention into what and how I am feeling. I am not trying give advice of any kind in any of this , rather just trying to share information.

Dear readers,I know most of you are experiencing COVID-19 fatigue, but with the world’s newest pandemic, we may actually be gaining new insight into Alzheimer’s disease. Brain fog has been a common symptom in some COVID patients, especially in people who are called “long haulers” for the months after recovery that symptoms can linger.Being Patient’s managing editor Alexandra Marvar this week writes about a recent COVID studythat finds Alzheimer’s and COVID share the very same biomarkers for brain damage. What’s interesting about this study is that researchers found seven different biomarkers for neurodegeneration in COVID patients with neurological symptoms. A separate showed the presence of these biomarkers were significantly higher in COVID patients who had also been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.How is this important for Alzheimer’s research? Learning how COVID-19 impacts the brain is helping scientists get to the bottom of the mysterious relationship between viruses and neurodegeneration. Some of you may have watched the panel discussion we held on this “infectious theory of Alzheimer’s,” which illustrates just how microbes could be a target for some cases of Alzheimer’s.Although there are still a lot of questions on what role viruses play in neurodegeneration, the latest research on COVID highlights the need for the scientific community to keep an open mind when looking for both solutions to Alzheimer’s — both treatment and prevention.With hope,
DeborahTHIS WEEK’S TOP STORIESBiomarkers Say COVID-19 Brain Damage Is Like Alzheimer’s, But Faster
COVID-19 and Alzheimer’s share the same brain damage biomarkers. Blood samples reveal they accumulate at higher levels over a shorter period of time in COVID patients.
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By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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