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Upside Down, Inside Out

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It looks and feels ominus outside, misty fog, low light, its typical spring weather, but somehow it doesn’t feel that way. One wonders if perhaps the pandemic was just somehow a lesson for us all, to learn how to manage and teach us coping skills. To be able to manage what is happening at the moment. Prices soaring, many things difficult to find, many things just not available at all right now. The people of Ukraine might be the ones taking the direct impact of Putin’s invasion of their country, something most of us cannot even fathom, but it is impacting everyone around the globe and every day that it goes on we will feel those impacts more. More uncertainty for everyone, uncertain times. Breathe, Breathe just Breathe, take time each day to do self care. Walk, cry, yes crying releases stress, get extra rest. Be more mindful of the stress others may be feeling, offer more patience, more kindness. Find a good source that you feel is reliable to get your information from and get updates, but don’t sit watching it all day. Limit time on social media, mental health is really important during uncertain times.

On other fronts, yesterday was my first attack of pain in 8 weeks, thoracic region, so severe I couldn’t move, this after the night before having some type of brain event, very likely a TIA. I was in bed early, which I haven’t had to do for many weeks. I decided not to ignore it and listen to it, and rest, today I woke up feeling great again and some residual discomfort but not pain. As soon as I finish writing this I’m going to be turning up the music and do my dancing which I did not do yesterday because of the pain. I have to think it was just a blip a reminder to make the most out of this gift I have received back in January, finding the joy, even when things around us are upside down. Even when our world is turned inside out, finding the joy.

I’m working on some very specific projects right now as far as my advocacy work goes and thats enough at the present time, because for a number of years my advocacy work took up all my time, every day, all day, and advocating is important, but remembering to live is important too. Often we get so wrapped up in what we working on that we forgot to put just as much time into enjoying our days, putting pressure on ourselves to do more, when in fact we should be effort into slowing things down, taking in all that is around us. Taking time to have enjoy a cup of tea or coffee, listen to the birds sing, the rustling of the leaves in the trees, lapping of water up against the shoreline. Remembering that the work will happen, without us pushing ourselves beyond what is healthy amounts of time and energy, recharging takes time too, and the longer we go without recharging the longer it takes to recover and rebalance. Never has that been more important than now when we are living in such uncertain times. For most of us, our parents or grandparents lived through war and depressions, we have had years of little hardships in comparison to what they endured, but it appears the last two years was just a test. I pray daily that this invasion will end, I fear it’s just the beginning, I look to the past for guidance, and pray for the future.

My musics on, its time to dance, then pull out the umbrella and go for a walk and count my blessings for they are many, and I want to be mindful that despite dementia, despite many contributing health factors, I am blessed, I am free, I have much compared to many.

As you go about your day, I hope you can find a reason to smile, laugh and count your blessings.

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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