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Our Brains,Our Greatest Defence and Our Greatest Weakness


I was sitting today thinking about our brains, how what we feed, it feeds us, that is both literally and figuratively, our brains need healthy fats and lots of them to function properly, it needs rest, exercise, both physical and mental. It is the hub, the mainframe of the control centre of all housed within our bodies. If we feed it negative thoughts we start living that, if we feed it positive energy and thoughts thats what we live. This is true regardless of, or if we have cognitive issues or not.

Living with Dementia does not mean that what I give my brain doesn’t matter. It just means that I must be doubly mindful of what my brain requires to operate at its best ability despite it being hurt. Thats how I choose to view my brain, like any other part of my body, that has injuries, if my kidney’s don’t function I take good care of them, if I break my leg I take care of getting it looked after and to heal. My brain not ever be able to heal, it may get worse which is expected with Dementia’s, but it is hurt, yet still it is my greatest asset.

I was thinking a lot about this after attending a couple of meetings this week, of course the talk was about Putin’s Invasion on Ukraine, we all live in different parts of the country and world. It really stood out how it didn’t matter where any of us were from, we were all being effected. Normally at these meetings we don’t discuss politics or religion, this however, is exceptional circumstance. This I believe is not political, in the sense we often think about, republican versus democrats, Liberals vs. Conservatives this is about something much bigger. Every one shared their concerns and fears, it is an emotional time for everyone. Everyone is effected to varying degrees, but everyone is effected.

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I brought up my thoughts on how our brains can be our greatest defence during stressful times, or our greatest weakness. How teaching ourselves how much to feed our brains and how often, how keeping ourselves grounded was important. We talked about how important it is to talk and share ones feelings, keeping them bottled up can create internal stress, and managing stress is so important for everyone, and know one nows that better than those living with any type of Dementia or other Cognitive challenges. Truthfully, anyone one with any type of illness needs to pay extra close attention to keep there stress levels in check as much as possible during times like these and those who do not have any health challenges its important to them as well so they stave off illness, because stress loves sneak in to create and take advantage when our defence systems are down, our weakened and stress weakness our systems.

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Some people feel it is a weakness to cry, to show or be emotional but in fact it is one way our brain helps us to process and move thorough and beyond things instead of having it sit inside of us, where it causes havoc on our health. So these groups and meetings are in some ways seemingly more important than even they were during the pandemic, it allows people to discuss, to share, to be emotional in a safe place and with peers that offer support to and for each other. That is the same support and grace we should be offering to all we come in contact with, we should do this always, not just during times of great uncertainty, but everyday, but never has it been more important than now. Love, Caring and Sharing, kindness and Gratitude, may we not take each other for granted.

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By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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