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Tuesday Morning

Yesterday was a lovely Monday, and you wonder how can that be possible with all the strive in the world right now. No, I don’t live in a false sense of reality, the complete opposite actually, I stay informed, then I get on with my day, staying grounded, leaving room and time each day to find joy, to listen to the sounds of nature, breathe, just breathe, and every day I dance. After getting the current information on what is happening, I put my music on and I dance, and I dance the day away, while I am doing things around the house. Its good exercise, it sends feel good endorphins through my body. I attended two meetings which were both great and up-lifting.

I had the most lovely visit with my doctor. Yes it was what one would classify as a Doctors Appointment, but I call it a visit, because it felt more like a visit, we had a lovely chat, he told me that one of his patients had told him they were at a presentation I recently did in Lake Country and how wonderful they thought it was and how helpful it was for them. Knowing that trying to make a difference and hearing that you actually are is sometimes all the inspiration you need to get through the rough patches.

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We caught up on his family and life, and mine and then talked about my health, as I have had the few attacks of pain, I being afraid that all the good I have seen since my Moderna shot was maybe or had peaked and I was starting to see a return of the many issues and complications prior to , it was a frightening thought, but I have not had any more fatigue, the inflammation has not returned, my blood work is worth celebrating it is so good, still no brain fog, we laughed at that, dementia is still and will always be bubbling away, but for the moment I am having less challenges that in recent years, although so new challenges emerge. Its on going, it will always be ongoing, but I feel strong, I feel vibrant, I feel energized, like I have not in many many years, if ever. So whatever the Moderna Vaccine found in my immune system and changed, it is a gift beyond measure. The attacks of pain I have had over the last week or so we discovered during my visit with the Doctor, is muscle issues, and while talking to him, and him wanting me to start a daily magnesium regime, I remembered that I always took it, but somehow, when I had all this drastic changes, and was feeling so good, I had stopped so I in essence had created this situation to happen. So back on the Magnesium combined with Calcium. Because my appetite has decreased so much, I may not be getting enough Calcium so hopefully that will resolve the issue.

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This morning I woke at 5 am, up watching daylight come, morning coffee, showered, and ready for the day by 7 a.m., getting ready for a 9 a.m. meeting, I am excited about it, its a project I am working on, more will come about that in time. My volunteer/and friend will arrive shortly, its wonderful how these new found friendships happen, I appreciate all her help and mostly enjoy the visits so much. So a busy morning, then I will go for a bike ride if it is warm enough, just a short little first ride of the season. I am so glad I am feeling well enough to do that.

It is International Women’s Day, I look to the women of Ukraine who are taking up arms, who are staying and fighting and helping their people in ways that most of us cannot imagine. Being separated from their children, husbands they are the women I want to celebrate today. They are the reason I must remember to be grateful, for I am in this moment, safe, warm place, why they fight fights we all hope never to have too. Women around the world have time and time again, shown their resolve, their strength, their resiliency. I am fortunate to have incredible women in my life, who have taught me, inspired me, and today I still have many women who are inspirational, and role models. I have worked alongs side many of them, I still work along side of so many of them. Most of us don’t have to look far to find women we admire. So to all the women out there take a moment to acknowledge your value, your importance, you matter, each and every day, not just on International Women’s Day, but each and every day. Treat yourself today and lets all think about all those women in Ukraine and other countries like Afghanistan and many other countries around the world, lets celebrate them for their bravery, for their determination lets keep them all in our thoughts and prayers but remember to celebrate you and all those women close to you today as you go through the day.

Happy Women’s Day to all the Women of the World.

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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