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Mothers Day Wish

This blog is for all the Grandmothers, Mothers, Stepmothers, Foster mothers, Aunties, that have such a tremendous impact on the lives they touch. The lives they help shape, they give of themselves tirelessly, they provide us with our foundations that help us navigate life. They are the nurturers, the teachers, the healers. our confidantes, our best friends, mentors.

I have been fortunate to have had a grandmother who played a very big role in my young years, a tremendous woman, my other grandmother, my step-grandmother who came into my later, also a remarkable woman, who also had a great impact in my life, and of course my mother, who although she is no longer with me here on earth continues to guide me each and everyday. I am and will be forever grateful for these incredible woman.

I am also blessed with a step daughter who is a tremendous young woman, and mother to two wonderful children, she is such a great mother, I am so very proud of her, and so enjoy watching her in her role. My step son is married to a wonderful young lady, the mother to two beautiful girls, another young mother who is doing an amazing job of being a mother.

Women have such a critical and important role shaping the future of generation after generation, through the very life’s they are guiding, have guided or will guide. So I hope that each and every woman out there knows that they matter, that you will always matter. For the women who have no children either by choice or not, you too matter, you too touch and shape and nurture more lives than you likely realize. I believe we are all mothers in some way, at some points in our lives, so this Mothers Day I hope every woman out there gets celebrated, and if you’re alone that you celebrate you and all the ways you impact the lives you have touched in your life.

Happy Mothers to all the amazing women I know.

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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