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Finding Our Brave

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Today some nice things happened, I spent the morning with a class of Health Care Aids, they were engaging and I loved spending time with them as I always have, this was followed by the arrival of a friend I have not seen for a long time ( she no longer lives here), a great time visiting and catching up, so good for the soul, both hers and mine I believe. Our visit and the engagement with the students prompt this blog today, sometimes we don’t know when, where or will provide us with inspiration, today I think them for as much as they say I inspired them, they truly were uplifting and inspiring.

I believe that somehow many people both with and without dementia having been feeling lost sort of, out of step with themselves with their lives. This is in large part created by a world that is filled with uncertainty at the moment. It forces us to go within, look deeper, delve harder. Are we really happy? What does happy look like? Are we truly living the life we want? Are we truly doing what we aspire to do? Sometimes when the world is upside down, when we have had the rug pulled out from under us, we have to find our brave. We have to be brave enough to change direction, change career, change how and where we live, change our habits, take charge of our health.

Sometimes when we are forced to look at things differently, uncomfortably, and we think we if we could go back we would, and we think we would be happy there, but there is no back button, there is only the pause and forward buttons. It is here in those moments and times when we find our brave, and we find that going back is truly not where we would be happy, sometimes it just takes a lot for us to find it for it is scary. So hats off to all the people I know who are currently feeling unsettled, but are working hard towards a new life a new way and finding their brave.

And for people with dementia who often long for the days before our dementia, but we can’t go back, only forward, we have to find our brave, face all of those things one would prefer to never face, but I have never met a group of people who have exemplified finding their brave better than those living with Dementia, with little to no resources to help them find their way from diagnosis onward, they find a way to bravely walk with their illness. To forge new lives, new ways to do things, new joy, finding their brave, each and every day in each and every step.

I am working on finding my brave, finding my way after too many life changes over that last year. I also believe that organizations will all have to find their brave as well, the world has and is changing, so doing things the same way will no longer work, so the ones that are brave enough to acknowledge that things must be done differently if they want to be relevant and effective in the coming years, change must be embraced, sought out even. Thinking out side the box, colouring outside the lines, has become more important than ever. It concerns me somewhat that many will not adapt as they should, mostly do too ego’s being and the way and the love of power, the price will be felt mainly by those the organizations are deeming to want to help….. time will tell, and that time is being thrust upon all of us, like it or not.

So no matter where you are and what you are doing I hope you too can take the time to find your brave, follow your gut, listen to your heart, your life may become unexpectedly joyful in the most unexpected ways.

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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