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Welcome to this 2nd day of October and the first Sunday of the month

Ok can you believe we have arrived in October, 2022 is sure showing us many unexpected events as the year unfolds, many of them we would rather not have to experience but life is about experiences, and learning, living and dying.

I am going to share with you this post wrote yesterday about my day and I’ll show the pictures as well :

When you go out in woods today, the woods today, when you go out in the woods today… I remember this from
When I was a little girl and today these are my pictures from my day out in the woods. But I have to tell you that I was so happy to be in nature, to feel the earth, to feel the trees…. Hugging trees is awesome…. And as much joy and happiness nature fed my soul today …. I found myself really looking and listening to it, I suggest you get off the known trails, go deeper go further, sit with the earth… look and listen, the trees, the shrubs, the ground itself is hurting its like you can feel it crying… global warming is real, man’s destruction is real… it broke my heart as I tried to feed it good energy and let it now I care…. Listen it will tell you, look 👀 really look it will show you… I am grateful for being able to be in Nature today for all that it does for me each time… Exploring hidden gems off the beaten tracks … a great way to fuel my mind, body soul as we start October.

Photos by christine

continue to read after the photos more bits and ramblings after the pictures I know it’s a bit of a long blog but I enjoyed writing it

I love this tree growing out of the old tree, eternal life

Being in Nature is so so very important to my overall well being, my brain functions better after being in nature, it settles it when it’s overwhelmed and tired, it has a soothing effect. The more I am in Nature the better I am able to maintain that sense see of calm during the days I am away from it. Going for walks close to home is good as we for the exercise is so important for my blood flow for my brain 🧠, but it is not as being immersed totally in Nature away from the sights and sounds created by man, those things stress my brain. The never ending sound of cars, trucks, sirens, horns, banging and clanging, screeching of tires, those things exhaust my brain, so add in trying to ask my brain to function in it all and it’s truly too much, the answer is as they : the answer is blowin in the wind… quite literally get me out in nature away from all those human elements that create so much stress on my brain and watch what happens when my brain gets happy, when my brain no longer feels overwhelmed trying to manage, it makes me feel like a completely different person, I can think and put my thoughts together easier, I can come home and feel better, sleep better. I was always drawn to nature, but dementia has amplified my need for it, it has somehow shown me how to help it help me… holy isn’t it amazing how amazing our brains are, mine fascinated me about how and what it’s been snd continues to teach me as I hug along this journey.

I forget things as fast as I do them know, I see people I know I should know them but can’t remember who they are or how I know them yet I know so do, yet others and no rhyme or reason that I have figured out stick and even if I don’t see them often or maybe haven’t for years and suddenly do I know exactly who they are. I don’t understand much of the hows snd whys of it but I think a lot of it is tied to feelings and emotions, and how someone made you feel or how you were connected to them emotionally at some point… that’s my own theory… well mine and my brains. I also am a lot more emotional than I ever have been and I no longer have the ability to control those Emotions as much as I would have in the past.

The other thing I am leaving here today is a link to an article I found quite interesting and interesting for a few reasons. The big reason is that many of us living with Dementia have what we classify as night terrors. This article is about nightmares and dementia and the link between the two. So are what we have and call night terrors amplified nightmares, snd the nightmares of earlier days before diagnosis a sign of tbe pending dementia…. It’s good for thought, snd I think back to my mom telling me she lived with me before her passing that I would have such bad nightmares my screams would wake her, but she couldn’t always wake me out of them, interesting that was back in the 2006/7 years, and before that my husband used to tell me how bad my nightmares where. Fast forward to 2015 snd the diagnosis of vascular dementia. It’s all interesting, yes I have a fascination with my brain, but can you blame me… better to be fascinated by it, challenge it, try to understand what makes it hurt, what makes it happy, than to be angry snd blame it for this journey we are on, because in truth did my brain let me down by giving me this dementia to live with or did I with some things in my control others not, hurt it and cause the dementia both me and my brain know have to try to navigate.

This is me trying to navigate life within the parameters of my dementia. I question myself, I question my brain, always looking for ways to stay afloat. So please read the article in the link below

And that’s about all for my Sunday ramblings and I hope you get to enjoy nature in all the beauty the fall offers us.

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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