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No Escaping It… Dementia That Is

So because I have always said I would not sugar coat my dementia, as I sit here this morning, waking to a completely different brain day than yesterday, I have to tell you, that yes there is so many pluses to doing and being snd taking part of things, experiencing and exploring and yes the pictures tell a beautiful story, but the pictures don’t tell of the moments of panic attacks, being overridden from anxiety, which are all fairly new to me, another add on of my dementia and they are difficult to navigate, add I the extreme weather change, unbelievable low with the snow, yesterday ended up being a total wash for me. Not only because of the snow storm, but it created a bad bad brain day, couldn’t comprehend things being said correctly, could not express myself correctly, teary, frustrated and other than a couple walks to try to get some blood flow happening and done good oxygen going in, it was a day of testing in the room.

All of those things were necessary and maybe in part my system trying to tell me I need to build in more rest days/ periods, if participation in events are to be successful.

Today waking to completely clear skies, brain feels calm and clear as well, feel rested so the train trip into Toronto should be lovely, I am looking forward to it as when we travelled to Niagara it was dark so I didn’t get to see any of the landscape. Tomorrow will create another issue for my brain getting up and being at the train to go to the airport by 530 am, which means 230 am in my home time zone, once home I will have to allow for a couple days to let my system resettle again. I would not ever tell anyone that because it is a little more complex to do these things not to do, I would say do them but be aware. Fortunately travelling with someone else who has dementia. She was able to recognize what was happening for me as she has the same impacts at times, but if you are with those who are not familiar you may need to explain and educate as to what can happen how it effects you what you need to do to allow successful transition from those effects to ensure an incredible time for most of the trip. Go, do, live large, get your bucket list going and keep going., just do it will full acceptance and understanding of how to make it successful. In some ways sad to see the end coming, of what has been an incredible time of learning, sharing, emotional, doing things my sister and i had tried to do was a beautiful and very emotional moments, doing it with a friend that I’ve never had the pleasure of meeting in person let alone having a conference and then a holiday with unforgettable.

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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