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Trying to write

Things have been shifting for a while, late fall, early winter, I could feel it, I wrote about it, I talked about it. I had no idea what kinds of changes or what direction the shift would take but I could sense it and feel it with every part of my being.

I stayed in the moments letting it and things unfold as they were meant to, not trying to force any type of changes, just letting things unfold as they wanted or were supposed to without my interference. So often we try to control all the who, what’s and whys of our lives that we end up mucking them up. It is our nature, but we really are supposed to let things unfold and they usually unfold in a better manner for us if we do. I set out to do just that.

This has proven to mean that 2023 came at me at a hurricane force speed. The events that have been transpiring are heartbreaking and devastating one one side and life changing incredibly beautiful on the other side. There is it seems good with bad, bad with good, happy with sad.

I am a complete mix of unbelievable sadness and complete joy and happiness, emotional overload is an understatement. I will write in more detail to all of this at a later date. Today I just wanted to remind people to try to take a breathe let things unfold instead of forcing. It’s amazing at how transformative it can be.

I am taking time for myself at this time. I am not sure what happens next, that too will unfold as it needs to and wants to, I will be open to receiving what comes.

So if you don’t hear from me, I may not be writing as much for a bit, I may not be in attendance for a bit, this is time for me . I want you to know I appreciate the messages and emails, they have all warmed my ❤️. Don’t worry about me I will be fine maybe even better than fine.

Love to you all

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A Heavy Heart

It is with the heaviest heart that I am writing this blog to let you all know that my precious Pheobe has gained her wings. She has been my faithful companion for so many years, my travel partner. She has brought so much joy to my life, she has got me through so many hard times, and although I rescued her, I actually believe it was her that rescued me. She has been the easiest little dog to love, to care for. The laughter, and fun on our many adventures out in nature or on our many road trips are memories I will cherish forever.

She was always in tune with me, if I was sick she did everything she could to comfort me, if I was sad to cheer me up. She brought happiness every where we went, people talking to her, her showering them with love. She never barked, whined or complained. She was just happy to be with me. She loved others just as well, friends who she would ( holiday) with if I had to be away. Thats what I would tell her that she got to have a holiday, she always understood me and I her.

My life forever changed today.

Over the past year, well shit, in all honestly ever since we rescued each other we have been through so much, her life about me, my life about her, but in this last year it has been becoming more evident that she was getting tired, big job looking out for me, but she has been determined not to leave me alone, but the last two days have shown that it was my turn to look after her and let her now that she can know lay down her guard and rest.

It is going to take me some time to get through losing her, but I promised her the day I brought her home that I would not ever let her suffer and I made sure I maintained my promise to her. I could just write forever about all the joy she brought me, but instead I am going to share some photos and take some quite time for myself.

Rest easy my beautiful little girl. Thank you for the beautiful Memories, I will miss you forever and a day my little Pheobe.