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Another Wave

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Well hello whoever you are, where ever you are, I am here in British Columbia Canada. Yesterday, we were sent careening back into lock downs, restaurants only allowed take out service, all indoor activities stopped again, our biggest ski resort ordered closed. It’s not full lock down, but close, travel within BC restricted to essential travel for work or medical care only. People are ordered to work from home in every situation it’s possible.
You can still socialize out doors in a small group 10 or less as long as it’s always the same 10 and you are all social distanced ( that’s 6 feet here.
I am not upset by this lock down I could see it coming, I only wish instead of trying to appease by creating what they see has some sort of balance for people, they would shut everyone and everything down for a month, go on a ramped up vaccination campaign, and be done. It feels like we are playing with fire, testing and teasing the virus to see how far we can let things go until it takes such a hold that the results devastate us. I just continue to hibernate in order to try my very best to look after myself.
They have know created a list for compromised people, but the list is not for all who have compromising illnesses, and they decide who makes the list in order to get vaccinated know, versus being in the regular rollout order.
Dementia of course did not make their list, even though they know that people with dementia are likely to have more devastating outcomes than others. So I wonder is this because all the other illnesses have some sort of treatment options, or cure ability, so they get preference?
So I have formulated in my mind that this will be ongoing and that I should prepare to continue to live this way until at least the fall. Living alone means an even longer time of not seeing my loved ones, as they all live in other areas, so it will be continued zooms, video calls etc for the foreseeable future. I wonder, will I get the opportunity to get to another conference and see all those that I’ve met along the way with my advocating, and involvement with different organizations and research groups? Will my health hold, will I be able to keep the decline of my dementia at a dull roar until then? Or will the decline continue on the level it has over the last six months? Time will tell, in the meantime I will. continue to work with Dementia Alliance International, Dementia Advocacy Canada, as well as things like our Vernon Seniors Action Network, Agewell, TREC, Canage, Public Health Agency of Canada, and a few others. All of these things will continue to provide purpose to my life, help fill the gaps in the isolation by keeping me engaged, and socially active even if only via zoom. I will also continue to walk, and ride my bike, getting outdoors as much as possible, nature is so important the sights the sounds the smells, it feeds my soul, keeps me calm and peaceful. I bought a little gas BBQ for going on picnics and drives out into the woods with my little dog, this spring/ summer. I am if nothing else determined to be one of the survivors of this pandemic, if not it won’t be for lack of trying.
They say most of us living with Dementia die from something other than our dementia, I’m just determined that whatever it’s going to be for me it won’t be this Covid 19. When I think about these things I think about Tim McGraws sing “ Live Like You Were Dying”, that I think is exactly what I should and do try to do.

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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