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Thanksgiving in Canada

This weekend it is the Thanksgiving weekend here in Canada, I know in the USA they celebrate Thanksgiving in November, I am not sure about other countries. So Monday is actually Thanksgiving day and a statutory holiday for us, so people enjoy a long weekend, many have their last camping trip, others travel to enjoy time with family and friends. There was a time I too would have made the trip to spend with family, but now I spend it quietly with my dog. I find larger gathers to noisy, to hard to follow conversations, two or three people would be ok beyond that , its exhausting, mentally. Covid has also hindered the ability or want to put myself in harms way., restrictions, not knowing who is vaccinated and who is not means in order to protect myself I spend more time at home, and out walking and exploring with Pheobe.

I have much to be grateful for, many things to give thanks for, I try to live a grateful life each day, being present and aware of the many things and ways I have to give thanks for, thanksgiving is a good time for reflection and check in to remind ourselves of all that is good in our lives. Those who are in my life are indeed my greatest treasures, having the ability to meet and work with others around The globe to advocate for others, to try to help bring change about for many. To have a a safe place to call home, to have the companionship of my little dog. To still be maintaining my independence, to still have the ability to move about freely without aids.

I left this sitting for a couple days, today is Monday, the actual Thanksgiving day, today was a good day for me in comparison to yesterday, yesterday was challenging, fatigue, pain, brain fog, found me spending a lot of the day in bed. Allowing my body to rest as it needs to though definitely allows me to enjoy the good days more. Pheobe also had a better day today, and we did a lovely walk and drive, enjoyed seeing all the Kokanee ( thats a land locked salmon), in the creek that runs through town, in 16 years of living here i have never seen so many fish, a good sign, the benefits of the quieter world, less impact of man, we saw some turtles sunning themselves, and just enjoyed the sunshine, it was cold only 9 degrees Celsius, but i can actually function better in the cooler temperatures as does Pheobe so a really nice day for us today. Although that outing exhausted me, so my new normal is being happy if all i manage is one thing a day. I’m excited for my new rehabilitation program which will begin on Nov. 1st. my physio portion has already started, and I am thankful that I have such a great health care team. I am feeling grateful that I have managed to maintain staying independent and yes I have had to work hard, but because I’ve been willing to do my part my health care team has been willing to work hard on my behalf as well. Overall much to be grateful for this Thanksgiving. I hope where ever you were this weekend, celebrating Thanksgiving in Canada, living in a country that does not celebrate a thanksgiving day, I hope your weekend was pleasant. In closing is pictures of the lovely day today including of course my co pilot pheobe. You’ll see the fish and turtles

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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