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Understandable Emotions

We are I think, at least many of us, feeling vulnerable, emotional, sad, scared, unsure of anything. We are still coming out of a pandemic, which has turned us inside out, never knowing when or if the next wave was coming, being isolated, trying to be safe, to keep others safe. People have had a hard time emotionally and mentally trying to manage it. just as we were feeling like we were slowly getting our feet under us, and then last night Russia attacked the Ukraine we are outraged, sad, scared, we know what this could mean, this is the closest to a third world war starting that we have ever seen. It is a normal response to living with more uncertainty.

Finding ways to deal with the stress that often we don’t think are even impacting us. We are more apt to have less patience and tolerance of others. We may be more tired, feeling teary and emotional or sad.

These are all normal reactions to unusual events, but it doesn’t give us free rain to act in ways that cause more stress or anxiety for others. We must all try to offer extra space, extra kindness and extend grace to one another. We all have to learn how to destress in times like these, go for a walk, practice deep breathing, gardening, anything that allows your body and brain to stand down.

I many think that the war doesn’t really effect them because its on the other side of the world, but its implications and effects can and do effect many right here at home, many still have family and friends there, lives are impacted, sometimes directly and sometimes indirectly, war effects us all. A point in fact is my own family, here you will see documents of which I have many, my family, for so many all these documents were destroyed during the second world war, I am fortunate to have so many of ours, but did the war impact me, not directly but indirectly yes, the effects of living in Germany during the war left deep scars on many of my family members, my mother included, I never had the chance to meet or know my grandfather, two of my Uncles, one of which had a huge impact on my life were prisoners of war, released in 1945 and 1947, they forged new lives here in Canada, as did my mother and grandmother.

I’m showing all this in hopes that we can all remember, we will cross paths with many as we go about our days, who, you many not even now how this crisis is impacting them, remember they may be having an emotional response that they would not normally have because of abnormal things impacting them.

We all need to extend kindness, and I know people are sick of hearing that, but in all honesty, the last couple years, it’s the kindness that has enabled me to get through this pandemic and it will be kindness that helps me navigate whats coming. So please lets extend that extra bit of understanding, lets not take it personal if someone is reacting in ways we think they shouldn’t be, kindness and understanding may be the one thing that helps them.

Give people permission to talk about it, over understanding, people aren’t always looking for answers or to be told they are right or wrong, they just need someone to understand how they feel.

My heart is heavy.

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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