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A Quiet Weekend

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I spent a weekend quieter than my normally quiet life. I found myself deep in quiet prayer, Putin’s invasion on Ukraine takes up much space in my mind. My advocating is still on going, but in a quieter voice at the moment, its importance has not changed, my passion to make a difference has not changed. However, I have found myself trying to support friends who have friends and loved ones in Ukraine, There is so many that need extra support, even if it’s just a coffee and shoulder, and some understanding, a safe place for them to talk about it.

For me it has flooded me with memories of my mom and the impacts of living in Germany in World War Two, I, growing up remember the prominent thing was how my mother always said she prayed her children and later her grandchildren would never have to live through a war like she did. We were brought up being taught that you should always ensure you are stocked with food, she always vowed no one in her family would go hungry, she always said that she would always remember how it felt to be hungry, to be scared, the sounds of the bombs, the explosions. I grew up seeing how the sound of a plane overhead effected her, or the loud crack of thunder, so Saturday night, those words, those lessons filled my mind. I thought about how as much as I miss her everyday, I am glad she doesn’t have to witness what is happening in the Ukraine. So I urge you to check on elders in your Neighbourhoods, they may be feeling the impacts in ways we are not aware, it could be triggering and resurfacing traumas they lived through. I must admit, that I was surprised about how many small seemingly unimportant lessons my mother instilled in us, never knowing how one day they would surface and be of great significance. My mother, grandmother and my Uncle, all the biggest influences in my life.

Yesterday morning I restocked my house with essentials. Methodical, nothing that wasn’t essential. First taking stock of cupboards and freezer, ensuring when I went shopping, I was getting what will get me through the coming times. if we are blessed and this invasion of the Ukraine is stopped, I won’t have to shop for a long spell, if it doesn’t I have enough to get by. My mom also taught us about keeping our hands busy, give our hands something to do will keep the mind busy, she was right, so busy, in prayer at the same time, meant that I can start the week with a few things left to ensure I have on hand. My mind can rest I have done what I can.

I will be watching closely, I am supposed to go to England in June to a conference, somehow it does not seem appropriate to be thinking about it right now. I will just sit on it. My improvements since my booster dose of Moderna are holding, I am beyond grateful for that, my dementia is manageable and I can live with it, actually it pales in comparison to what too many I know are facing with various illnesses, and other struggles at the moment. I know we aren’t supposed to make our own challenges and illnesses any less than any one else’s, and I am not meaning to do that, but for me sometimes its important to shift away from my own stuff to be able to offer full support to someone else.

I hope as we all move through these very uncertain times, we offer kindness and grace to others. Sending much love to all.

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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