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Time to Spring Ahead

I don’t understand this, I don’t like this, well actually I wish they would spring us forward. So far forward the invasion on Ukraine would be over, Putin, would be for ever stopped, that peace would finally encompass the world, that no one would be without a home or be hungry. That everyone would feel loved and cared about. That judgement on others for all their differences because of disabilities would be erased, that they would be treasured for all they bring to all. Oh yes, if they could spring us ahead to that place and time how wonderful that would be.

But here I am living in the real world, where reality feels so much different, that the war raged on Ukraine is just the beginning, that things will get worse for us all before they get better. That we are all going to have to dig deep to find ways to stay positive and hopeful. Things will get better, we have to find those things that bring us joy, no matter how small and hang on to them. I hear so many struggling, so much sadness, we must try to lift each other up.

Our advocacy work must continue, even if it takes beyond my life time to see things improve, and let us not forget if we improve things for people with one type of disability we improve it for people with many types of disabilities. For example, if we create ( Dementia friendly Communities), and I use that phrase lightly here, because I actually don’t like that term. I believe when we advocate so hard to stop segregation of people with dementia, and the go about using terms like dementia friendly communities we are creating segregation. I believe we need communities to be build to be inclusive for all. Its are only true way to bring back to bringing the human element back into society. Thats a whole other conversation. Sometimes in the midst of all things happening in the world it almost feels selfish to be doing advocacy or other normal things, but normal things, are very important in uncertain times. It keeps us moving in a forward motion.

So back to spring forward, I wish someone would hit the pause button on all this and spring us forward for the last time, and then leave the clock alone. Let our bodies adapt and live with the changing of seasons naturally. They spring us forward, then fall back in the fall, in this era it is not necessary and it does create health risks, our bodies were build to naturally adjust, then forced to this unnatural change. It creates very real difficulties for many. I normally struggle for a week around time change. However because my whole internal time processing mechanism is screwed these days , I have no idea if it will impact me or not, but I still wish they would let it spring ahead for this one last time and then do away with time change.

The last little tid bit today goes back to the invasion of Putin on Ukraine. It is important for us all to remember that it is important that everyone feel like they have someone to talk to about it. Talking about it releases that underlying stress it creates. So we need to be mindful of people being emotional, sad and angry. It is also understandable that people are angry about what is happening in Ukraine, but whatever you are feeling, acknowledge those feelings so they don’t become displaced and cause hurt and pain unintentionally. we have all had a tremendous amount of stress over the last two years so to be feeling angry at situation thrust on us by a mad man is and would be a normal reaction, talking about whats happening will let it be released so you can go about your day. As we spring forward tonight I hope you all take a moment to pray, take a moment to be grateful, tame an extra moment for a small-act of kindness.

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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