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All Because of the Love of a Dog….In This Case the Lovable Miss Pheobe

Sometimes the best medicine is a dog who thinks their love can cure you

As most of you know today is my little Pheobes 18 birthday, she has been trudging along with me for a very long time, she was a little rescue dog, she chose me, how did I ever get so lucky.

She has been my constant, through a lot of life’s ups and downs. Since first having the stroke at 56, and us being together 24 hours a day since, except when she had the odd holiday with some of her favourite people, but over time that has happened even less and less, she has been on many many road trips with me, travelling near and far. She has been my guiding light, laying watch when I am ill, ever watchful, she has guided me to keep me safe during many of our walks. She has sat and offered comfort through my hard days and through a many tear. She looks at me with a knowing and understanding, and on my good days she eagerly wants to join me in whatever I am doing.

One of my favorited… enjoying the sunset

Backwoods exploring and campfires to the ocean and finding waterfalls. During my darkest moments since my diagnosis she gently provided me with the encouragement to keep going. But she is tiring, as am I, too many Tia’s this last couple weeks, everything taking so much effort. My focus is solely on her these days, doing all I can to ensure whatever time she has left with me it will be time she will enjoy.

She doesn’t even really like to be outside of the perimeters of home, not even her beloved car rides, but she also gets very stressed if i am not within a short few feet from her. Her hearing and vision limited, she has trouble some days navigating the stairs. But she is happy, she is not in any discomfort, for that I would not allow, so I am happy to be home with her and try to give her as much as she has given me.

I know there has been so many studies on the importance of animals to us humans, but I don’t a need a study to tell me how important she is to my life. She has helped alleviate stress, anxiety, depression to name a few of the many things. I only wish they would make small farm scale care homes the norm, so people could have pets, interact with animals partake with nature, the need for the grossly overuse of medications could be so greatly reduced, and I wonder will they ever really listen, will they ever really care. Thank you for a lifetime of love Pheobe and giving me the very best of you.

Exercise time
Enjoying the day

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

One reply on “All Because of the Love of a Dog….In This Case the Lovable Miss Pheobe”

Beyond beautiful. Pure unconditional love. What beautiful gifts you both are to all of us. Love Debbie


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