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Safety Pins, Zip Ties, Bungee Cords and Whats Time Got To Do With It

Some times starting over, or in some cases just starting is the only thing to do. In this case I was planning to write this yesterday, maybe earlier today, doesn’t really matter. Obviously, I got the title done and there it sat, and off I went doing something else, none of that really matters, thats just how my days go, then when I realized it was sitting on my computer( that only happened because of something I was going to do, but there it was in all its splendour, a title for a blog just staring at me. So then I thought I would just save it as a draft and sit with my Ipad and write. Except then I couldn’t navigate that part so eventually it was a matter of starting over, and so here we are. Ill tell you its hard friggin work trying to live within this illness, its no wonder why fatigue is such a big factor with and for people with Dementia, heck its exhausting just trying to be me and figure out who that is at this point. Ok so that wasn’t what I wanted to write about but there it is. The next paragraph may or may not get me to what I really wanted to write about.

Ah yes the title, well, give a girl safety pins and zip ties and bungee cords and she can fix, find solutions for all kinds of things. In this case a much loved chair that belongs to a dear friend, it sits on my deck, its broken, but its comfortable, using some wooden wedges and zip ties I managed to get it so it sits straight, instead of flopping around, then to try to protect the original cushion covers I fabricated one out of material using the tuck and pin technique. See photo:

A much loved chair
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

So this project took my focus from all else, it kept me there until it was complete. I didn’t use bungee cords on it but I do use bungee cord to hold my umbrella when open to the deck, because of our winds. I have the umbrella tied to the railing on the deck with zip ties. It has to be secured because I live on the top floor, it could pose a danger risk. So zip ties all the way. Now Im thinking OMG I sound like a hillbilly, but really I’m just a kootenay girl, thats the area of British Columbia that I was born and raised, we were always proud to be a “ Koot Girl”, like a badge of honour. But we learnt important life skills like the many uses of safety pins, bungee cords and zip ties. Dementia hides and locks away much, but it brings much back from time to time and how to use what I have to manage to do something is one of those.

Photo by Andrey Grushnikov on

The other thing is about time, you see all of these things happened, without any thoughts to time. My friend Janet , we did a video call she is in Scotland visiting family, we have never met in person, she lives on the other side of Canada from me, we plan on meeting this fall, if all goes well. Anyways her and I had a lengthy conversation about the gift of living a life that is timeless. Its a gift of dementia. Most of the world operates on, time to get up, time to do this or that or go here or there. Time to have breakfast, lunch time, coffee time. The world runs ragged trying to keep up with the schedules of time. Even having to make time to meditate and relax, schedule “time ” for yoga or a hike or walk. Time, Time! Time.
Yes we sometimes have to subject to time, appointments, meetings, catching a bus or train or plane, those kinds of things, but those kinds of things happen less and less frequently for us, so for the most part we life in a place and space that is timeless. Its living in the moment we are in, and enjoying that place and that moment. Like when I started writing this blog and suddenly my focus shifted to the chair. No stress, just let it be what needs to be in that moment. We laughed about how for others we can understand their frustrations trying to understand or figure us out, its like we are living in a different sphere or on a different plane somehow. But its ok for us because we are happy here for the most part floating along, one day to the next, doing whatever hits us, whenever it hits us, just being. Here in our dementia world, that should be the title of a song, remember the Alan Jackson song ” Here in the Real World”. Well we need a song ” Here in my Dementia World”, maybe Jay Allen could write one. Anyways this is my life as it is in this moment.

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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