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What in the World

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We the people who inhabit this earth have the whole world resting in our hands. It feels as though there is a power struggle between good and evil going on.

Its hard everything is hard, everywhere people look it looks bleak and everyone wants to blame someone. For so many they aren’t coping well, in many ways understandable, we have had at the very least 40 + years of people growing up never having to endure hard times, never having to want for anything, not everyone but by and large the largest part of our human race. The privileged, not that thats good or bad, but its left us in a place where everyone wants to blame someone , everyone wants someone to fix it, the problem is they don’t, wont or cant see that they, each and everyone of us has to decide to be the difference, to do things different to make a difference, we collectively either finish the mess and let evil win, or we choose for good to win. We choose kindness, we choose, simpler lives, we help create more sustainable places, we create food supplies within our neighbourhoods, we help each other instead of hate each other.

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Encourage our cities and towns to stop using pesticides, instead of grass boulevards, fill them with soil, encourage people to plant vegetables and flowers, there are ways and things we can do so we don’t have such high food costs, that is better for the environment, we need to step up and help get these kinds of things in place, , we must be willing to help, what a great way to help build community and neighbourhoods, we can change the course the world is on, one by one, community by community, we can plant trees, stop the erosions. people feel like there is no point, that it wont make a difference, but it will and can, if we all do simple things, if we all stop buying more than we need, if we get off and out of the commercialized world we will all to better, yes the people making all the money, making us feel like we need more, bigger, better, well they wont like it, but maybe they will have to change their practices too, maybe we can get back to putting more value in human life than status and money. My grandmother and my mother always said money is the root of all evil, as I look around to what is happening to us, to our world, I believe them to be right.

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All of these things that are happening on a global level, impact us all, we can say it doesn’t effect us but it does, none of us are that tough, it creates stress, worry, anxiety, it causes us to be exhausted and not now why. I am talking about it because I don’t want people to think that this stuff doesn’t impact people with dementia, or the elderly, or those with other disabilities. It actually impacts them in many ways more, because they know all to well that when times are tough the services they need so badly are most often some of the first things cut. So they not only worry about the rising costs, the supply issues, climate change impacts, food shortages, wars, housing issues, they then have to worry about how it will all effect them and the ability to have access to services. They worry about whether they will be left behind, forgotten. It can effect their overall well being, so remember extra patience, extra kindness. They may have trouble verbalizing or communicating how it is all making them feel, but they do feel it.

So please take the time to talk openly and honestly about whats happening, it will allow others to open up, which allows us all to stop hiding behind the ” I’m fine” facade. Lets all start being real, being human, lets say yes I am scared, yes this sucks, then lets get down to work at helping each other supporting each other, lets right the world that as someone slipped lets make sure good wins. Lets show tis world that we inhabit how grateful we are for all it has given, all that it has tolerated. Lets collectively do better.

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Do Better

Be Better

Want Better

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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