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Quiet Days

Black berries, blueberries, raspberries

Dinner tonight, well actually every night my dinner is 2 cups of berries, today was a total plant based day, as was yesterday, trying to do more and more plant based, I’m not perfect at it but if so get it 50 to 60 % of the time I feel it’s a win, I also try to only eat between 2 and 7 pm I fast the rest of the time e, again not perfect but most days it works well for me.

I am always striving to do better, take better care of myself. I pay attention to my eating more and more in part because my eating changed so much, A friend was concerned that I wasn’t eating enough, so I started logging my eating, and because I rarely cook, it did and does seem like I am eating a-lot less, and in fact I am, but I am eating better, healthier food, so I am getting enough nutrition just differently.

I do have to monitor a lot of things that I’m the past I didn’t but because I can forget, because I often don’t remember hours or the day before, I appreciate having friends that will gently chat about the changes and things they see, a check in and check up so to speak. It’s easy for me to loose track of days and time and add in forgetting things, it’s not a stretch that forgetting things like eating is possible. And although it may seem that I would be upset by someone bringing those things up but quite the opposite actually, I smile, and think how nice that they care enough.

There is other things that I monitor in my bid to stay as well as possible, to stall and stave off the inevitable for as long as possible. Ensuring I make sure my sleep and rest are looked after, fresh air, quiet calm environments not over taxing or over stressing my system. Looking after and protecting my emotional and mental well being. It’s a tremendous amount of work, but without it, things would look much differently than they do at the moment. Yes there’s no cure, yes the complicating factors can wreck havoc, but all of those things would be so much worse if I didn’t do all I can for myself. My Motto when diagnosed was “I’m not done yet”, it is still my motto still how I feel, last year, I felt I was losing the fight, spending most of the time between hospitals and being bedridden at home, I never gave up and I never quit trying to help myself, it was a year that has made me really appreciate this year, and all that is in comparison. It was a year that as we head into the last half of this year, I try to be mindful, look for joy each and everyday.

Talking to my sister in law today, she commented on how very busy I always was, lunches, dinners, hosting get togethers and always off to somewhere. Today, I go days and days without leaving home, my trips to nature are my great adventures, that feed my heart, mind and and soul my plants create peaceful places and spaces for me. I will protect that. I will be mindful for as long as so can to be grateful for each of the good days.

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

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