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Life is meant to be Lived

It is so hard to believe we are sitting at the 5th of February, time is so precious, so fleeting. I have been away since January 19th, two days after losing my precious little Pheobe. Again, the gift of time I was given with her, she was 18, she had given me more time than I ever thought I would have with her. She was ready to rest, she was tired, her time had come, and I had to pay enough attention to what she was telling me to know it was “time”, I selflessly had to put her needs ahead of mine, set aside the grief, the sadness, I would have my time for that, but first I had to give her and allow her to choose her time.
She choose her time around events happening in my life, she understood and knew so much…a lot about that coming in another blog, todays blog is about time.

so I left on January 19th, it is now February 5th. I am still not back home, I am unsure which day I will go home, it will be soon. I have been having my phone shut off, unless I am doing a meeting, which Technology allows that to happen from anywhere, so aside from those things I have been taking a total time for me time. Giving myself time to tend to the loss of my little Pheobe, tending to a lot of matters. I am well, in fact my health has been stable for quite some time know, yes I work and put in the time to help myself be well, so time well spent as the ability to maintain my health in this manner allows me time to actually live, to thrive, to not just exist. It is funny people with Dementia struggle with time on many levels, never knowing what day it is, what time it is, the days start and the days end and somewhere in there was the day, the time, what did we do with it, most often we give no thought to how we use our time. Are we using it in ways that are beneficial to our wellbeing? How much time does one waste on things that are totally unimportant. So right know I am putting my time into what is important, and important to me, not what Society deems important not what family, friends or anyone else deems important or thinks it’s how I should be spending my time. I am spending my time, because it is mine, it is Up to me to decide where that very precious time should be spent.

If I was not Okay, if I was needing help, if I was struggling, I would as always say so, but I am not, I am Okay. My Little Pheobe left me ensuring that I would be Ok, and all of that will be coming in another blog soon.

It is important that no matter if you have Dementia or any other type of illness, that we all remember to continue to live, live our best lives, put whatever time we have on this great planet earth, into things that feed our hearts, minds, bodies and souls. We need to focus on the things that bring us joy, happiness, not material things but things that make you feel good from deep within.

Time to breathe, to laugh, to cry, and laugh some more, to feel the inner peace and calm take over. Taking and using time for Fighting for one’s inner peace, is time well spent, taking the time, that very precious time that so often we get so busy we forget just how fleeting that time can be. I am not wasting time, and even and sometimes the best use of our time is when others think we are doing nothing, just sitting, just being that we are wasting time, yet it is often in those moments, that, that time brings us the most.

So as we head into another week, I hope you all find the time, to breathe, to just be, to look inside for it is there if you listen you will find and hear what your heart, mind, body and soul is trying to tell you and if you really listen the Universe will open up and bring so many wonderful blessings into your life, but first you have to take the time.

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

One reply on “Life is meant to be Lived”

Chrissy – so sorry to hear of your loss but really glad to hear that you are taking time to recover and to enjoy “time”. It is so important to take time to either “waste” it doing nothing as it is to enjoy doing things you love. Take good care of yourself and :time: dream. Susan


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