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Rambling Thoughts

It’s Friday, I am sitting in the semi, getting ready to head out, it has been three weeks since I have been out here, I took some time out to attend a Vascular conference in Montreal. I am happy to be in my seat heading back out on the road, I treasure these trips, this time spent together. I will have been out of the truck at the beginning of June, when I will be heading on a short trip to Seattle. Something else I am looking forward to. Life has gifted me with so much to be grateful for. On Wednesday, we spent the day out rock hounding and enjoying discovering places and spots to enjoy in the back country, and we truly found magical places. I did have a little blip, my vision, balance and coordination went, which resulted in a fall, no injuries, hurt pride maybe, it cleared after a time and I was able to fully enjoy the day, is it part of dementia yes, but actually it is part of my vascular disease which in turns become the dementia piece. It is the Vascular pieces that cause the most problems. Living with this illness is a continuous learning process and learning to understand the impacts between the various parts of our body and how it affects us when one or another piece goes awry. Luckily once my blood flow starts flowing in a better fashion, a lot of the challenges I am faced with subside, but I still have to luvecwith these events and my husband who watches for signs, he is learning all the time too, and I am very blessed that he does so willingly. I think if we can remember that any one of us can or could end up facing any Vast number of illnesses or health problems, then learning to help each other with them instead of resenting them becomes more doable. We can then support our loved ones, and we can continue ue to enjoy life with each other. We don’t have to try to ” fix it” or change it” just help each other navigate the ” bad days, or rough parts” with compassion and understanding and mostly with love. I try my very best to explain, (although I have trouble finding the right words at times), to Wayne so he understands how something like when my vision, balance and coordination went effects me and how best to support me at those times. He truly is remarkable in his care of and for me, his love for me is so evident, again I am so extremely grateful for the gift of having him beside me.

So truly trying to ensure that I make each day the best it can be that I can enjoy every precious moment of our time together. All the while ensuring I do all I can to

stay as well as I can.

That’s all for now, be well remember to be do what you can too live your best life.

By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

One reply on “Rambling Thoughts”

Christine, I am so happy for you there just aren’t words. The pictures are beautiful, reminding me of my life in Algonquin. You and Wayne are treasures. Much love, Debbie


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