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All things me

I haven’t opened emails in a week, I haven’t been doing my social media sites, I haven’t written. I have been as the Doctors said, I have been levelled… yes I received my second doze of Pfizer vaccine on Monday, with Thursday been spent at the hospital, Levelled is definitely the way to describe it, unable to stay awake, to weak to stand or walk, a beyond blinding headache. I described it to the doctors as feeling like someone took a sledge hammer to my forehead. So nauseous that managing fluids was the best I could do, the fatigue is like fatigue on steroids. I’m not sure if I made any sense when talking with my doctors, the pharmacist was here, he didn’t want to leave me alone. My neighbour’s have been gems, taking Pheobe out, although she goes begrudgingly, she doesn’t want to be way from my side, literally by my side. Friday I managed to get from the bed to the couch, a huge feat,Friday also saw two friends appear, one bringing ginger tea to try to ease the nauseousness, The other armed with all the supplies I could possible manage to need in the coming days, watermelon, popsicles, yogurts, drinks, cottage cheese, all things I could try yo just pick at, she also changed my bedding, the feverish sweats were leaving the bed soaked a few times a night. I don’t remember if I even was making sense to either of them I was just grateful for their kindness. My brother-in-law law dropping of things for Pheobe and I.

Our fire fighters were unable to fly due to a drone interference

That same day a forest fire ten minutes from home had them evacuating people, and I was amiss of it all, Then yesterday another fire very close too, and the bombers and helicopters being grounded, because someone’s flying a drone and interfering with the firefighting efforts. I’m not sure of the status of the fire this morning. This morning I’m having or trying my first cup of coffee in a week. I am writing, although it’s exhausting me so I keep putting it down and restarting.

Forest fire that started in vernon on Friday night

I don’t want to discourage people from getting their vaccine, my reaction is a rare one, the plus side is I will have really good immunity, most people do not have this severe of response, so mine should not be used as a measuring tool in the pros and cons. Ok another rest and I’ll try to do a little more, I won’t even attempt the emails and messages I have waiting, just know that if you’re waiting for something from me it will likely be delayed. The fact that up sitting upright and actually writing is feeling very positive. And I should say I do not regret getting my vaccine, the flip side of being so sick ( again most people will not experience this) is being dead from the virus, the other good thing that happened in all of this they changed a doubled my heart medication, on the same day I got my vaccination and my heart is very happy and humming along quite nicely, so that means once I’m over the effects of this I should be feeling really rather well. At any rate everyone who knows me knows you take the bad ones and let them remind you of how very precious the good ones are.
I was left to ponder last night how well I would manage to get myself evacuated if need be, my emergency kits are all prepared, but then I thought, your body would kick in to whatever it needed to to allow you to manage it. It again reminds me of how a more communal small living arrangement would be better for people as they age.

I always manage I am a warrior a survivor, although a very tired one a this time. Thank you all for your lovely messages I will get to emails etc hopefully this week, today I will just try to manage to be up more, but I also won’t push I don’t want to go backwards. Hoping where ever you are you are safe and surrounded by love.

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By WWW.Chrissy's

I am an advocate for people with dementia in Canada and globally, having been diagnosed with younger onset dementia myself a few years ago.

One reply on “All things me”

Christine, Always in my thoughts and prayers. It sounds like you’re wearing the Armor of God as always. I am watching the birds feed on my balcony. I have 3 sets of morning doves, eons of chickadees and sparrows, and two blue jays. They don’t feed at the same time. The little birds come first and the three pairs of doves just sit on the railing, equally spaced apart (that is so weird, it’s like hangers in a closet spaced out evenly). When the little birds are done, then the love birds fly down until those two nasty sqwacking (I have no idea how to spell this) bluejays come and chase everyone away. They don’t feed long and then the other birds come back. Just a little info to remind you of what is waiting for you when all the B.C. fires and COV-ID stuff is over. And the friends that are surrounding you are a gift and blessing beyond measure but you already know that. Take Care Special Friend. You are an inspiration beyond measure too. Hugs, Debbie


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